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anyone had a 'LEEP' after long term adnormal smears?

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purplerainbow Wed 21-Nov-12 12:46:46

2 years ago i had my smear and it came back as abnormal, had biopsy and was told i have hpv and CIN1. Every 6 months iv had to have the smears aswell as biopsys and has always stayed the same. I was told my immune system would probably fight it and id be fine, just have more regular smears. At my last appointment last week i told my consultant my aunt had just been diagnose with full blown cervical cancer and was in hospital that week having hysterectomy. I know it is not hereditary, but said i was scared for my health and that it wasnt any better. She agreed and has told me in couple weeks to go in and she will do a LEEP. Has anyone had the cin1 last that long and not gone away on its own? Also how bad is the process and what will i be like afterwards? Im a single mum to 2 small ds..

purplerainbow Wed 21-Nov-12 18:47:40


purplerainbow Thu 22-Nov-12 11:24:28


Delatron Thu 22-Nov-12 14:51:23

Hi purplerainbow,

Not exactly the same situation but I had my first smear at 26 where they discovered CIN III. Even then they said the cells 'may' turn cancerous in 10 years or so. I had the LEEP procedure and I don't remember it being too painful, as they use local aesthetic it was less painful than the colposcopy! Recovery wise I think I took a few days off work and was slightly sore but nothing major. I didn't have kids then though.

I wouldn't see it as a bad sign that it has been CIN 1 for so long, it is great they have been monitoring you and good that it hasn't progressed. Sometimes the body just can't get rid of the virus for a while. Hopefully the procedure will put your mind at rest.

Sorry to hear about your aunt, I hope she makes a full recovery.

purplerainbow Fri 23-Nov-12 18:43:08

thanks for replying, i had given up! Iv had smears regular like clockwork since i was 21. Never had any problems. Just abit concerned its not gone as my consultant said my body shouldve fought it by now. I know this could be SO much worse i really do, but i feel like a ticking time bomb and just wish it would be over.

Delatron Fri 23-Nov-12 21:43:23

Hopefully you'll feel more reassured after the procedure. I have had clear smears for the 10 years after mine and it does help when they start coming back as normal.

Good luck with it, hope you have a quick recovery.

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