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Anyone know anything about adrenaline please? Unusual "rushes"?

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borisjohnsonshair Tue 20-Nov-12 15:47:36

I'm really quite worried about this.

DH has been suffering from kidney pain for aobut 6 weeks now, which the doc initially though was stones, so gave him pain killers (co-codamol). He went back a couple of weeks ago as he was no better, and the doc did some blood tests (awaiting the results) and mentioned something about a scan.

He has stopped taking the pain killers now (as they made him constipated) but has been taking ibuprofen instead. The last few days however he has had a constant headache and then yesterday and today is having lots and lots of adrenaline rushes; to the point where he had about 3 while talking to me on the phone (about 5 mins). He's away working for a few days, so can't get to the doctor's.

Just wondered if anyone had any info about his type of thing - is it dangerous and should he really go to A&E (he won't got unless forced either), or do you think it's just a side effect of the kidney stones. Or, given that the adrenal glands are so close to the kidneys, do you think it might not be kidney stones but the adrenal glands that have been causing the pain?

I've googled lots but can't find anything that connects these symptoms. Thanks for ANY help!

borisjohnsonshair Tue 20-Nov-12 15:49:01

I should add that there is no anxiety involved with these rushes; he was driving and saw a car beside the road and that brought one on; he says in the same way that it would normally do if a car pulled out in front of him and he had to brake sharply. Very odd.

Fivemoreminutesmummy Tue 20-Nov-12 17:40:28

Hi, what do you mean by adrenalin rushes? What symptoms is he having? It's very unlikely to be this but it does need to be excluded- phaeochromocytoma- a tumour of the adrenal glands that secretes adrenaline. It would certainly be worth him getting scanned sooner rather than later. It is rare though so don't worry too much. Hope this helps.

therugratref Tue 20-Nov-12 17:55:48

I agree with five. Headaches could be related to high blood pressure, phaeo's are rare but given his symptoms he should get checked out.
I know its hard, but try not to worry and encourage him to get checked soon.

borisjohnsonshair Tue 20-Nov-12 19:14:03

Thanks for replying. He described it to me as an "overreaction"; ie the way he would normally react when something happned like braking sharply or nearly dropping something priceless, the kind of "oh close one" feeling. I don't think it's heart racing or breathlessness or anything, just that kind of feeling that gives you slight butterflies and a bit of a shudder. I'm guessing it's adrenaline that causes that, but maybe it's something else. Will definitely try to get him to the docs when he comes home.

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