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Sore throat, glands up, headache... not much mucus

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EugenesAxe Tue 20-Nov-12 05:39:47

I live in Surrey just for information. I have had the above symptoms for a few days but don't seem to be getting a typical cold; I was a little mucusy on day one (thick stuff - I blew my nose and it was bright orange - urgh), but not streaming now at all.

I can feel a nobbly gland on the left side of my neck and am just in continual neck/ head pain.

DD has just got over a very bad mucusy cold; DS has now got temp (around 38, not too bad) and is stertorous when breathing but again not streaming. His glands are also up. He's had MMR for info (he's 2.9).

Anyone know if this is doing the rounds, if we should just ride out with para/ibu or go to GP?

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