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pelvic area painful

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TEdoc57 Wed 24-Sep-14 04:46:21

I just saw your blog. I don't know if you ever got resolution to your problem. I'm a retired doc. And I have this problem. To me it happened after I had my colon and rectum removed. That's a long story. But, I was told there was damage to the nerves in the pelvic area at surgery. The condition is called vulvadynia. It can happen with no know cause. Goggle it and read about it. It is just like yours. Usually the pain and burning is vaginally, but can extend to rectum. Ask your doc, but you need a gynecologist. That is who will have heard of this. There is treatment!

OscarPistoriusBitontheside Fri 28-Dec-12 23:40:48

Sorry to resurrect a thread, but I am in horrendous pain in the same area. Popped my back out twice this week by accident, so am heading back to my gp next week. (Currently doing the rounds baiting family). When it "goes" I can't walk and need help moving anywhere. I had dreadful SPd with dc2 an don't want this for the rest of my life. sad

liverLadyLass Tue 04-Dec-12 14:57:18

went to see the doctor and wrote everything down on paper and explained everything smile
she says its deffinetly not a womb problem but a machanical problem with either the bottom of my spine or it could be the muscles pressing on the nerves, she's is referring me to a physio to see which it is,
she thinks I may benifit from manipulation of the joints,
she have given me anti inflammation medicine to help with the pain,,

looking forward to seeing this physio just hope it's not the old woman again hmm

liverLadyLass Mon 03-Dec-12 22:37:11

thanks very much for your support guys,,
I hope she doesn't either,,

IndigoBarbie Mon 03-Dec-12 20:16:13

sad Yes re the numbness, I just forget, this is exactly how I noticed a problem when I was early pg. I had numbness at the front of one of my legs. Please please I hope the Dr doesn't fob you off, there are knowledgable sites, ie

liverLadyLass Mon 03-Dec-12 16:50:44

hi thanks for your comment,,
this started when I was pregnant with my first born, he is now nine,,
I can't put up with it anymore its draining me,, ive got the doctors tomorrow morning so i cant wait,, my knees crunch and pop and are weak too, my legs get funny numbness every so often to,
when pregnant I was asked to put my hand under my bum whilst she examined me as she couldn't do it,? I've always wondered why?
I get my hubby to push down on my lower back and it moves forward like a shudder feeling, its weird,
I think I'm going to write all my symptoms down for the doctor as I'm terrible at explaining things, especially symptoms

I've started a diet to slim down to help my joints too, I've also purchased a physio app which gives you lots of stretches and strength movements smile

missnevermind Thu 29-Nov-12 13:13:29

The twisted thing also sounds to me as though it could be your pelvis.
I am seeing a phyiso after PGP/SPD in pregnancy.
He has said that it is a sacral -iliac problem too.

What you are saying about the referred pain in your knees is familiar.

My bum cheeks ache, my shoulders and my neck are sore because of the way I hold myself when I walk and I have a sore leg and dropped arch because the way that my pelvis is twisted it throws my one hip forward so that leg is out of alignment.

My baby is 16 months old.

liverLadyLass Thu 29-Nov-12 12:34:18

thanks indigo

IndigoBarbie Thu 29-Nov-12 08:59:17

HIya, I think the thing with any pain in the body that it is difficult to do strengthening exercises until you feel less pain, and are able to do so. In my case, I could the tummy muscle exercises to strengthen my core- but these had to be done in a sitting position, as essentially (in mycase) I had extreme inflammation of my pubic symphysis bones. Any movements would actually make this worse, hence I had to pain-manage for quite some time. It made me very aware of my limitations, but I am happy to say that almost 3 years on from giving birth, I lead an almost pain free existence. I only started pilates this year though, and although I am unable to do many of the movements as I still weak in some areas- I can do some, but this was a hit or miss to find what I could do versus what was causing me more pain. HOwever, it's proven to be very useful for me, and I feel more 'normal'.
The twisted thing, could be that you have an imbalance between one side of your body compared to the other ie perhaps one hip is higher, or some muscles may have been compensating for your pain, thus holding you in a certain position- but again, a physio or some one professional in this area should assess you. I'd say ask them to explain it to you in words you can understand, and if something hurts don't do it. xxx

liverLadyLass Mon 26-Nov-12 16:47:54

hi, thank you very much for your help I'm actually looking forward to seeing my gp,
my physio had cut me off as I missed an appointment?
to be honest I'm glad I don't see her anymore she had me sitting in my underwear and I felt so uncomfortable, she was an older woman and I felt she struggled with the moves,,
I never felt any benifit from it only pain afterwards,
she kept saying I my body was twisted?
and that my knees had fluid and she thought the lump she felt in my knee was internal but there was none of this in my notes,
I feel my gp would of looked further into it if she had,,
I'm going to look the condition you had mentioned up and maybe ave the guts to mention this to my new gp,,
I don't feel like I'm imagining it now like its all in my head,
it's like I'm learning to live with it and getting used to being in pain??
ibroprofen helps but I don't want to take painkillers constantly for the rest of my life,

BoffinMum Sat 24-Nov-12 23:11:14

Yes, anything that strengthens the core is brilliant.

IndigoBarbie Sat 24-Nov-12 20:53:26

Hi yes, I had severe SPD/PGP when I was pregnant, this is why I identify with what you've said, You may have imbalances, adn from what you have said - knees support your body weight too. I saw a physio for one year after my child and then a structural integration therapist also called Rolfing Practitioner, and this changed my life in ways the physio could not. I'd recommend sticking in with the physio to see what they can tell you - I have had to manage my condition a lot but, I can now go to pilates and this really really has helped strengthen my back and core. The pain for me is the same as you describe. I would say though - I had pins and needles and numbness underneath near my vag, and in my legs whilst I was pregnant. Tell your physio all your symptoms and hopefully they can help. Don't give up, and PM me if you need more help xxx

BoffinMum Fri 23-Nov-12 07:13:50

It sounds like what some people call symphysis pubis dysfunction and what officially is called pelvic girdle pain. The bad news is you'll have to manage the pain for life. The good news is that a combination of a sympathetic GP, anti inflammatories and high quality physiotherapy makes a massive difference.

liverLadyLass Fri 23-Nov-12 01:36:03

hi indigo, thanks for your comment,,
I do feel its more painful with the run up to my period I even ache with pain underneath blush blush,
the pain is there constantly like a dull ache that never goes away, then when it flares its like a sharp pressure pain,
I've had this since having my first child eight years ago but over these past few years seems to be getting worse, especially over these past six months,
I've had physio before but was mosly directed towards my knee, as I also have pain and crunching noises in my knees. I've started to think it could be all related,
but the earliest appointment I can get to see a gp is the fourth of December which is rediculous,,
do my other symptoms seem familiar to you also?
thank uou

IndigoBarbie Thu 22-Nov-12 21:58:41

HI there, I had severe pelvic imbalance and underlying issues. And, to me this sounds like your sacral -iliac joints which are located at the base of your back, into your bum cheeks.
I still get pelvic pain depending on my cycle and hormones etc. I'd get checked out by a women's health physio and sometimes the only ones who really know are those who work in the maternity unit. good luck xx

liverLadyLass Wed 21-Nov-12 10:24:59

thanks very much for replying, I've never heard of peri menopause before,
I'm turning thirty next year and I have two children.

frazzled123 Tue 20-Nov-12 17:29:05

Depending on your age, its sounds like peri menopause to me.... I'm in it at moment and have had a lot of pelvic pain.

liverLadyLass Tue 20-Nov-12 00:39:22

hi, I need some advice on my pelvis pain..
it's constantly there but flares up, it's coming from my pelvis, bottom area and its very painfull at times,
I have to get my DH to push on my bottom to relieve some of the pain/pressure and sometimes when he pushes down my pelvis shifts forward??
I try to do the pelvic rolling/tilting and that causes my pain and sometimes have to roll over to get back up,
the pain is mostly located in just above my bottom cheeks and I also get painfull neck ache and my muscles hurt.
can anyone give me some advice?
doctors have no clue?
thank you.

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