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please can anyone advise on DP's loss of hearing

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Mamateur Mon 19-Nov-12 15:21:31

A few days ago DP said he had completely lost hearing in one ear. WIthin a few hours, he couldn't even hear if he wiggled his finger in his ear. He went to the doc who sent him to the ENT dept at the hospital straight away. They tested his hearing, found he had almost none in that ear and prescribed him anti-virals and steroids in quite big doses. Five days later there is no improvement and he's due to go back to the consultant soon, plus an MRI on December 1.

He has no other symptoms but feels pretty out of sorts, and a sort of thumping in his head (not pain).

We are supposed to be getting married in three weeks. I don't know whether to cancel the wedding.

I have read stuff online but can't work out how likely this is to be serious.

Thanks sad

PainForLife Mon 19-Nov-12 15:29:28

sorry I cudnt read & run.... cnt offer any advise but hopefully someone will be along soon!

hope all works out for u guys smile

greatresult Mon 19-Nov-12 16:18:33

Good they are doing an MRI as you need a proper diagnosis. I have Menieres disease and have lost lots of hearing (gradually) because of it. In some cases it can come on quite suddenly. ENT will know what to look for, so you are in the right place. Lots of luck.

Mamateur Mon 19-Nov-12 18:07:05

Thanks Pain.

And thanks greatresult, sorry you have menieres, thanks for the info. I know we have to wait for the MRI. He will have his hearing checked again tomorrow, but I suppose if there's no change (DP certainly thinks there's been no improvement) we will have to wait again for the MRI.

MagentaDeWine Mon 19-Nov-12 21:06:20

Hi Mamateur
Sorry your DH and you are going through this in the run-up to your wedding. You've no doubt already googled, but this looks like a good website:

It's written in reasonably medical language but the summary seems to be: that most cases of sudden hearing loss will improve; and that most cases have no cause found. The proportion of those with a "serious" underlying cause appears to be very small. It also entirely supports the approach your DH's doctors have taken, in terms of swift steroids and other treatment and planned imaging.

In essence, if I was in your situation, I would certainly not be cancelling the wedding at the moment. Hope this helps and good luck.

MagentaDeWine Mon 19-Nov-12 21:20:12

P.S. Sorry, should have said re wedding that clearly decision depends on how your DH-to-be feels. Was more trying to reassure that "serious" causes for this are relatively rare.

Mamateur Tue 20-Nov-12 08:39:49

Thanks Magenta, I think I'm just fearing the worst. i read that article or something similar, it's just it's all so - we don't know why it happened, it'll probably get better for no reason but if it doesn't we'll be none the wiser! I just don't want DP to suffer at the wedding with everyone coming up to him and talking loudly.

I suppose it will be resolved one way or the other in a couple of weeks.

I was also wondering about getting a private MRI before then, if that gives us more clarity.

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