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Hysterectomy in 4 weeks! Getting scared now.

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auntpetunia Sun 18-Nov-12 20:29:01

Due for op on 17th December due to a fibroid which at it's biggest was 32cm giving me a look of about 6½ months pregnant. I've been on Prostrap injections since July to shrink it, its now shrunk down to 16/17 weeks size pregnancy and the hope is that it will shrink a bit more by 17th December as Consultant wants to do a bikini line incision but obviously if it's not shrunk enough it will be a mid-line incision which is why I've been happy to wait for the op.

Now getting a real bit nervous and hoping for some hand holidng and tips from the MN's who've recently had this op as to what I need to start thinking about for the operation and the hospital time. Have gotten myself sorted for Christmas but the actual op and time in hospital just is a blur of guess work.

I have had two CSections but don't know if I can compare the two operations. Any tips ?

amazingmumof6 Mon 19-Nov-12 08:27:16

sorry, no advice from me, but had to say to wish you all the best and big hugsthanks

emanon Mon 19-Nov-12 13:43:35

Don't be nervous. I had the op, also because of a large fibroid in August and I haven't looked back. Within 3 weeks I didn't know I had ever had an operation. Are you having keyhole surgery?

auntpetunia Mon 19-Nov-12 17:20:25

hi Emanon not having key hole. Last I was told it was too big for bikini incision and it might be mid line, but told today its shrinking and should be OK for bikini incision. I hope I recover as quickly as you did, have been told to plan for 3 to 4 months off.

SugaricePlumFairy Mon 19-Nov-12 17:31:53

I'm having mine tomorrow [as long as there's a bed!]. TAH and BSO.

I feel calm and just want it over with now. smile.

I'll only be in for three days all being well!

The waiting is the worst part according to all who've had it done

I'll report back in a few days wink

Good luck to you auntP.!!

auntpetunia Tue 20-Nov-12 17:21:46

good luck Sugarice...please report back,

christmaseveeve Wed 21-Nov-12 15:30:53

I had mine last July also due to large fibroid and enlarged womd.i personally always find it hard to believe some people recover so quickly as it took me a long time.i had about a 6 weeks set back becasue I stupidly tried to do some washing and tyding about a week in! Hystersisters is THE best wesite.It covers everything I am so glad I had it done no more massive bleeding etc brilliant!

christmaseveeve Wed 21-Nov-12 15:31:32

sorr y about the spelling ...making soup

sweetheart Wed 21-Nov-12 15:33:29

A friend of mine recently had a hysterectomy and has recovered brilliantly. We play a team sport together and we thought she'd be out for at least half the season but she was back playing within weeks. She says the initial post op period wasn't too nice but that's to be expected really and she's overall much better off now.

auntpetunia Wed 21-Nov-12 17:56:41

oh thanks Christmaseve for the reassurance. I know its the right thing to do, did you have key hole or bikini incision? this seems to be the difference in recovery, my friend it last year via keyhole and was up and about in 4 to 6 weeks. I've been told 3 to 4 months off, which is a whole school term So work have someone to cover for the spring term. I intend to follow instructions to the letter and do nothing for weeks!!

need to sort out hospital bag..

droitwichmummy Wed 21-Nov-12 18:08:29

pack lightweight magazines or paperbacks. you must not lift anything heavier than that for a while. Also rightness rather than pjs and a nice facial spritz if your hospital is anywhere near as hot as mine was

droitwichmummy Wed 21-Nov-12 18:09:20

Rightness? NIGHTDRESS!

auntpetunia Wed 21-Nov-12 20:46:27

ha droitwichmummy i did wonder for a minute, yeah I assume nightie rather than pjs as they might interfere with scare. got lightweight paperbacks dont want to take kindle so been charity shopping for books. thanks for tip on face spritzer will look for one. got some small bottles for shampoo and shower wash.

biffnbuster Fri 23-Nov-12 11:04:57

Small bottles of water or cartons of juice/squash, as I really didn't fancy tap water that had been sitting around for hours. Separete carrier bag for dirty laundry. I had a total hysterectomy(fibroids/cysts/endometriosis) when I was 39, was back at work after 6 weeks being full time nanny to a 2 and 3 year old . I had a bikini line job and staples. Never looked back :-)

SugaricePlumFairy Sun 25-Nov-12 19:08:08

Hello,well I'm done and at home. All went well, he took everything and said it was difficult but uncomplicated!

I had a spinal as well as a mask to put me to sleep and I did have a dreadful headache until this morning, not sure if there's a connection

Anyway I feel great although still sore and am shattered really quickly, can't stand for longer than 10 mins

Only advice I would give would be to make sure you drink plenty of fluid and eat, even if it's rich tea biscuits. I was really sick on day2 and throwing up was horrendous, despite having anti sickness meds. Once I could eat the sickness stopped.

Staples out tomorrow. I do now realise how very little you can do after such major surgery, even opening a stiff oven door is out of the question so I really would say it's vital to be prepared.

Currently in bed watching Country file typing very slowly on phone!!

SugaricePlumFairy Sun 25-Nov-12 20:13:10

I've also lost 7lbs grin an added bonus and I don't have a very swollen stomach either.

Just thought of a few other things;

take an eye mask and ear plugs as my bay light didn't go out til the nurses finished which was often 11.30 pm.

Wear a nightie with very loose sleeves or just straps, by chance I threw one in last minute. The ones I had bought specially had longish sleeves and the nurse couldn't get my canula and tubes through the sleeves.

auntpetunia Mon 26-Nov-12 07:11:55

oh sugarice thanks for coming back and up dating. 7lbs wow bet that feels good to have got rid of that. off shopping today for eye mask, have ear plugs, as go camping! as a coeliac I ll give the rich tea a miss, probably make me worse!.I will provide my own micro chips.

our hospital have given me a re hydration pack to take before the op so hopefully that'll help with the sickness.

hope the staples out goes ok, keep us posted and enjoy the,rest.

SugaricePlumFairy Mon 26-Nov-12 08:39:43

Hi auntpetunia

I would also second small bottles of mineral water rather than the jugs which are given to you, I was a little hmm about not supposedly being allowed to lift anything heavy yet we were all left to lift up jugs of water from not easy semi sitting /lying positions, plus the water did taste rank! wink

Take big comfy underwear, I didn't and had to wear hospital lingerie wink which isn't comfy at all, kept riding up in the bed!

auntpetunia Mon 26-Nov-12 21:34:44

thanks sugar, i know have a shopping list of, water/juice, eye mask and big knickers!

my nighties have short sleeves. So think Am getting sorted now. thanks for your feedback Sugar and keep me posted on how you are

SugaricePlumFairy Tue 27-Nov-12 08:01:22

auntpetunia pm me if you ever want to. smile

It really is true the waiting is the worst thing, take care and try not to get too nervous.

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