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Sharing food, COLDSORES

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mortimersraven Sun 18-Nov-12 00:45:47

Last night I went out for dinner with a friend. We were eating dessert and she offered for me to try some of her chocolate cake, so I dug my fork in, and it was yummy.

However my heart sank afterwards when I realised her top lip had this red puffy area just above it (she does suffer from coldsores quite often). It wasn't cracked or anything, it was either the beginnings or endings of a full coldsore. I'd eaten from the same bit of cake she was eating, not the other end.

Am I likely to have caught the virus from her? How long before I know?

cloudpuff Sun 18-Nov-12 00:59:40

I would say its rare to catch one this way, had you used the same fork then the risk would have been higher.

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