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Feeling very low

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stepawayfromthefridge Fri 16-Nov-12 11:36:33

Hi everyone,

Where to start? Feeling so low sad

I started having low pelvic pain in July this year, by my left hip which then disappeared but reappeared by my right hip. I saw several GPs - told groin strain, IBS, trapped wind etc. eventually got an ultrasound done along with some blood test including CA125 plus bowel cancer marker - all showed nothing. Meanwhile this pain/ache was becoming more persistent, couldn't exercise, pick up my dd, mowe the lawn, even using a tampon would be painful. The pain was pretty much constant, is worse before my period (generally after ovulation until my period os over, then is easier but still there) and radiates down my leg to my knee, sometimes both legs, and is also in my buttocks and back. i have also noticed that my cycle used to be about 30 days roughly, lastin for 5 days or thereabouts but has recently been about every 25 days, about 10 days long including so brown spotting before hand. so i only get about 2 weeks in between periods. I also feel nauseaous sometimes and have some constipation but not always.

Saw my GP again and twisted his arm to refer me to gynae. Saw gynae, he said it wasn't gynae but a pulled muscle and referred me to physio. Had two weeks of physio, (after one session I couldn't hardly walk and ended up at the GP out of hours service I was in so much pain). Physio then referred me to orthropecics, saw consultant, he said gron strain and ordered MRI scan. Had MRI scan which showed nothing. Orthropecics referred me back to gynae, different consultant for a second opinion. Saw gynae, she did an ultrasound scan there and then and said the following - I have cystocele, rectocele, a uterine polyp, a Fallopian tube filled with fluid and my right ovary is struck down ie endometriosis is likely.

I'm 41 and am blessed with two DCs, although conception was not without problems, first after IVF and my dd naturally but not until I'd suffered two awful miscarriages. So babies are done for me. The gynae is going to do a laparoscopy and posterior repair in a couple of weeks ( I'm fortunate to be covered by my DHs private medical insurance) but I feel so down. So tired all the time, I have no pain relief, DH is not understanding, feel so alone sad

cravingcake Fri 16-Nov-12 14:00:21

I could not read and run. I dont have the same problems but I can tell you that there are 2 really good support threads on here (both in the general health section), one is Raggedies and the other is cystocele & rectocele. I'm sorry I dont know how to link these but you are not alone. Please have a look.

There's so many of us who have these problems. I'm currently waiting to see gynae in a couple of weeks time and my DH is not very understanding of just how uncomfortable and painful my problems are so I will be taking him with me so he can hear for himself just how much it affects me.

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