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Waiting for a diagnosis of possible MS

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frownyface Fri 16-Nov-12 09:50:49


Freaking out a bit. I thought Id post here to distract me form google....

I have had two periods of night time issues with my eyes, having seen an eye doctor yesturday and them confirming no problems with the eyes themselves they asked do i get pins and needles. I do, quite regularly in my hands.

I suffer from chronic pain, I had an amputation some years ago and due to ostoearthritus in my other knee joint I am not currently walking at all-yet I still suffer pain from my stump, from the knee with the arthritus, and most recently my wrists- I wear a splint on my right hand but it still does my left wrist. My hips hurt when having sex and generally everything clicks and crunches and is uncomfortable.

I sleep alot. I am always tired. I take alot of meds for the pain which may contribute to this.

Spoke to my GP this morning to ask about being referred on to neurology-told him the symptoms and about the findings with my eyes being ok and he said they want to test you for MS. I have to wait for the eye hospitals letter to get through to my dr and then the GP will have me in for further tests and bloods before I am reffered on to neurology.

Am bricking it.

Help! Hand holding needed. I am 28. sad

chockbic Fri 16-Nov-12 10:54:26

Oww oww.

Best of luck for your tests x

deepbreath Fri 16-Nov-12 14:19:55

Best of luck with the tests. After a load of neurological symptoms including a bout of what they thought was optic neuritis (and I had Bells Palsy afterwards that I've just posted about on another thread in case anyone thinks I'm making it up), I saw a neurologist. I was eventually diagnosed with a completely different neurological disorder to MS even though that was what they initially thought I'd got. Neurologist has now discharged me but wants me to see a rheumatologist now to see why I'm in pain/tired/pins and needly. Mine all started when I was about 30, I'm now 37.

Just wanted to post to show you that there are so many look alikes in this kind of thing, so your tests may not show what they suspect at the moment.

frownyface Fri 16-Nov-12 21:10:09

thankyou choc bic and deep breath x

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