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DS3 saying he's swallowed a spanner

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Vondo Thu 15-Nov-12 17:54:33

DS3 (3) has for over a week been taking a sharp in take of breath and then coughing. When I ask him if he's OK he says "yes, I've just swallowed a spanner". Now he is perfectly fine apart from this sharp intake followed by a cough. I questioned him further and he is adamant that he's swallowed a tiny toy plastic spanner out of his brothers lego set. shock

My mum took him to the doctors for me today (DH working away and I don't finish till 8pm) and the told him the whole story. The Doc checked him over and said that he's had a viral infection which he is recovering from and there is nothing he could do now. When my mum questioned him over the spanner he just laughed and said he'll be fine - its been a viral infection! hmm

Am I right not to be happy with this answer? What should I do now? DS's fine but I'm still worried that the Doctors not taken the "I've swallowed a spanner" line seriously and because he doesn't know why he does the intake of breath he's just said its a viral infection?


SecretCervix Thu 15-Nov-12 18:01:58

If you are really concerned and it is making him cough, I would take him to A&E, if it turns out there is nothing, then at least your mind is put at rest.

MimsyBorogroves Thu 15-Nov-12 18:06:12

Yes, if he's adamant that he has, take him to A&E. if he hasn't, and he's messing, hopefully it will show him that lying has consequences. If he has, it gets sorted more quickly.

A friend's 3 year old swallowed a 10p, and they were just told to monitor "output" to ensure it passed through. But you do need to know if it's there or not.

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