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Aura and migraine

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higgle Thu 15-Nov-12 16:06:45

DS2 is 18 and has had a three worrying "funny turns" recently. This has happened twice after playing squash and once in an English lesson. He has headaches that sound as if they are migraines but on these three occasions has had visual disturbance - part ofhis vision blocked out - started talking nonsense without realising it and tingling in one hand.

Dr Google tells us these are pretty extreme examples of Migraine with Aura and he has been to see our GP this week who says it is unusual for the headache to start first ( as seems to happen with him). He has been referred to a neurologist, which has made me very worried. Has anyone on here suffered with this problem?

Plopsicle Thu 15-Nov-12 16:10:35

I have had a few migraines like this, the symptoms normally come before the headache for me, sometimes the headache doesn't come at all.

I was prescribed Beta Blockers to take daily and painkillers to take at the first signs of an attack.

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