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Anyone had this? Indigestion symptoms after probable pulled chest muscle?

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Riggs Thu 15-Nov-12 15:52:52


FIrstly I am going to the docs tomorrow to be checked, but wondered in the meantime if anyone had any experience of this?

Have felt completely normal up until last week. Had a big change round of furniture with DP and despite being careful felt like I had strained my chest muscles afterwards. Achey pain across whole chest, worse when I stretched, pulling at the sides of my breasts.

Since then, I have also been having typical indigestion symptoms (I don't normally get this so it's just from what I've read).

-Feel normal in myself, but got a burning sensation in the middle of my breast, sometimes stretching down to my stomach area and also going up to my throat.

-Feel almost like I have something stuck at the base of my throat.

-Gets worse when i sit or lie down. Earlier I even ended up with a mouthful of bile just from bending over.

- THe uncomfortable feeling eases when I am standing up.

-Moving around/ exercise does not appear to make it worse at all.

I will hopefully get more info tomorrow but in the meantime, I had been wondering if it was possible to stretch/pull the diaphragm muscle and cause these symptoms? Especially since I never usually suffer from indigestion. Anyone else had anything like this?

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