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My bright orange child.....

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Bouj Mon 05-Jan-04 16:32:54

DS (8 months) went through a stage of not eating any veg, then would only eat carrots and sweet potato... As a consequence, his face took on rather orange hue... People thought we'd been on holiday and he had a tan!! He now eats a more varied diet, and I try and avoid too much orange, but looking at a photo of him on Christmas Day, his nose is bright orange!! Has anyone else had this, and have any advice for me? Or is he destined to go through life with a dodgy fake tan??

sb34 Mon 05-Jan-04 16:35:07

Message withdrawn

Twinkie Mon 05-Jan-04 16:36:35

Message withdrawn

popsycal Mon 05-Jan-04 16:37:14

i went to school with a girl who ate lots of raw carrots
she too went orange!!!
I am not sure what the answer is however (apart from don't eat lots of orange veg but that is of no help to you!)

dinosaur Mon 05-Jan-04 16:41:27

not heard of this either

my Ds1 eats lots of carrot but I've never noticed any funny colour changes

Blu Mon 05-Jan-04 16:48:46

I have heard of this in adults who drink loads of carrot juice.
Probably best not to start him on a diet of spinach and broccoli before you next get the camera out....

bobthebaby Mon 05-Jan-04 17:12:23

Just realised that my ds (who largely eats orange food) looks like des o'connor most days. Hadn't thought about why. Maybe time for some other colours.

prettycandles Tue 06-Jan-04 13:46:36

In just about every photo of dd where she's looking straight at the camera her nose is definitely orange. I don't think it's her diet because she eats just about everything and anything (including the furniture, but excluding pasta and lettuce). Some people just have 'interesting' skin-tones. It's probably inherited because my mum's nose often goes pink.

BTW, is it true that if you eat too much beetroot you pee pink?

robinw Tue 06-Jan-04 14:35:48

message withdrawn

marialuisa Tue 06-Jan-04 17:00:52

This happened with a little boy I used to look after. His mum gave him loads of carrots, carrot juice an so on. The beta-carotene causes the stain, it should fade by itself if you cut out orange coloured food and drink.

popsycal Tue 06-Jan-04 17:46:18

pretty candles - my sister - now gronw up- once peed pink
my mum rang emergency doc in middle of night as she thought she was peeing blood
that is the first thing the doc asked when he came out
she had btw!!

suedonim Tue 06-Jan-04 23:12:17

Yes, it is true, Prettycandles! I gave myself a fright doing just that, recently.

prettycandles Wed 07-Jan-04 15:22:22

Oooo, I must try it myself - just out of curiousity

Janstar Wed 07-Jan-04 15:26:28

When dd1 was about 10 she called me to the bathroom to show me where she had done a wee and it was pink. Obviously we were thinking she was turning into a woman actually when I looked the pee was a purply-pink and didn't take long to connect it to the big bowl of beetroot she had eaten the day before.

steppemum Thu 08-Jan-04 14:24:46

I never used to notice the beetroot thing at home, but now we live in central Asia, and beetroot is a huge part of the diet, and when I eat it here, I always pee pink! I think it must be a different variety to what we used to eat in the UK.
Or maybe the loos are just a different shape here, so you can see the pee more clearly before you flush!

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