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Feel dreadful

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dippingbackin Thu 08-Nov-12 16:55:58

Hoping that someone can give me so advice as I have been feeling absolutely dreadful for the last 10 days.

Symptoms I have had are...

Bloated stomach
Rumbling stomach
Chest pains (probably due to trapped wind)
Really bad wind (!!)
Feel dreadful if I eat / feel dreadful if I don't
Losing weight as can't bear to eat anything as it makes me feel so awful

Have thought it might be some sort of intolerance / IBS related but have never experienced this before. At the moment desperately need any thoughts on how I can reduce the agonising pain in my digestive system!!


MolotovBomb Fri 09-Nov-12 10:53:00

Some antacids (Gaviscon or another Ranitadine product) and something to stop you producing gas (Wind-eze, peppermint tea or peppermint oil in cooled, boiled water).

Have you taken ibuprofen lately? Could be a reaction to that.
Could be a gastric ulcer

I'd go and see my GP if I were you. Your symptoms sound like they could be magaged with the right meds.

Good luck and get well soon.

MolotovBomb Fri 09-Nov-12 10:55:10

Eat bland foods: tomato soup, toast, a bit of white rice. The blander and easier to digest, the better. Drink milk for calcium and protein. It's an alkaline, too, so shouldn't upset your stomach.

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