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Is it threadworms?

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Sodisturbed Thu 08-Nov-12 11:54:08

Ds, 7 was complaining of an itchy bottom for a few nights about a month ago but nothing since but for the last couple of weeks ive been really tickly inside mine not itchy though, pretty sure i just seen a little white thing on the toilet paper that appeared to curl up then stop moving! is this worms?!? if so how do i get treatment please dont say i need to tell a gp! there is ds 7 ds 1 and dh and i, only i seem to be tickly blush

vodkaanddietirnbru Thu 08-Nov-12 12:20:26

you can buy threadworm meds over the counter in a chemist. Last time we got the family pack of Ovex - treats 4 people. You need to treat everyone whether they have symptoms or not and then retreat 2 weeks later.

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