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Strange thing happening!

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3GirlsMum Sun 04-Jan-04 19:43:34

Wondering if someone knows whats causing this. Over the past week I have had a "spinning" feeling in my head when I am lying down. Usually happens first thing in the morning and I dont feel faint or lightheaded but when my eyes are closed everything seems to be spinning!! Anyone else had this or know what could be causing it???? Help pleaseeee its driving me mad.

lalaa Sun 04-Jan-04 19:45:33

Drink? Always happens to me when I've had one or two.....
Seriously, does sound like a lightheaded thing. If you're worried, probably worth going to see the doc.

Oakmaiden Sun 04-Jan-04 19:48:44

Positional hypotension? (Low blood pressure)?

3GirlsMum Sun 04-Jan-04 19:49:35

Is that dangerous and is there anything I can do for it? My mum suggested the same and I do seem to err towards lower rather than higher blood pressure.

Lisa78 Sun 04-Jan-04 19:53:49

I agree, low blood pressure
Not sure that you can do anything for it, I think its only in Germany they see it as an issue. but I'd make sure you are eating properly - you may have low blood sugar as well

Lisa78 Sun 04-Jan-04 19:54:15

No, not dangerous, mine is routinely 90/60 and no-one ever panics about that!

Luckymum Sun 04-Jan-04 19:54:41

Have you had a cold or ear infection? Problems with the inner ears can make you feel a bit like this - sort of like vertigo.

emmatmg Sun 04-Jan-04 20:03:36

I've had this sort of thing happen a few times.

When I went to the GP she said it was stress/tension related. Basically the blood vessels going up to my head either side of my neck were being squeezed because I was was so tense and so the supply was being restricted and causing dizzy spells every time I moved my head.
I even had it lying down in bed.

Could this be the same as you? Are you stressed at all?

Sadily when I asked if massages were available on the NHS the answer was a big fat NO!

3GirlsMum Sun 04-Jan-04 20:06:34

I have a toothache at the moment and occasionally suffer ear infections although they dont seem to be hurting at the moment. Yes I have been very stressed and busy over xmas and new year and wondered if it was anything to do with this. I suffer from anxiety problems anyway which on a day to day basis I generally deal with ok now, however my anxiety centres around a fear of fainting and Im worried if I have low blood pressure it could cause this now! Is rest and plenty of salt the only answer?

Lisa78 Sun 04-Jan-04 20:11:37

Rest yes, salt no - don't think anyone would advocate PLENTY of salt. Drink lots, eat healthily, moderate exercise and some decent nights sleep

Oakmaiden Sun 04-Jan-04 20:21:08

If it is worrying you then go and see your GP.

MaggieW Sun 04-Jan-04 20:40:01

I had a similar experience and unfortunately can't remember the name of what it was (had a very specific name) - basically an inner ear virus which I caught from someone at work and which affected balance. Made me feel v peculiar when standing sitting lying down etc. Sorry not to remember name of it but GP should know.

Evansmum Sun 04-Jan-04 20:41:02

Funnily enough, I have the same thing occasionally. Just seems to go away on its own but nasty while you have it. Also have lowish blood pressure but not low enough for anyone to get excited about it so wonder if we both have the same thing? Lisa mentioned low blood sugar, does it get better when you eat something (mine does)? I think vertigo is more severe, in my experience (obviously not full clinical picture). Your balance goes and while it is nasty while lying down, it is even worse when you try to stand up – like being on a boat in heavy seas.

Bron Sun 04-Jan-04 20:57:25

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gilli Tue 06-Jan-04 22:20:16

I agree with MaggieW - it's called viral somethingorother and its a virus that affects the inner ear, more common in women than men, and depending on your Gp you will be told it lasts for days or weeks! There was an outbreak at out school, and I got it for about a fortnight, but others varied between two days and six weeks. At its worst, I couldn't sit up from bed or lie down without a sudden spin, and walking felt like a roller coaster. The first time I had it, it went on its own, and the second time I had a drug from the GP and was advisee not to drive as turning my head could have brought on an attack. Mine was always worst first thing, and can be misdiagnosed as low bloodsugar etc, but it sounds as though you have exactly the same condition. It will go!

efmach Tue 06-Jan-04 22:28:12


Kayleigh Tue 06-Jan-04 22:32:33

i get this too. The first time i got it it was a virus. I thought I was dying. Everytime I moved everything started spinning and I couldn't move without feeling violently sick. Lasted 3 or 4 days and eventually went. However whenever i get colds or run down I get this again to a degree, never as bad as the first time and it doesn't last as long.
An ENT consultant told me I had probably weakened the inner ear with the first virus and when i get run down this gets affected. I have Stemitel (sp?) from the doctor to stop the dizzy feeling and I carry them about with me then i can take a couple when I feel it coming on.

codswallop Tue 06-Jan-04 22:34:14

Vertig o - go to the quack - I had a thread on t his
bloody awful

aloha Tue 06-Jan-04 23:12:07

Could be a virus. My dh gets like this with viruses and he freaks out until I remind him he's always like this with viruses and he gets some antibiotics. This sounds like he's perpetually ill, which he isn't but it has happened three times - once over our first Christmas away in a swanky hotel at vast expense, and again on our honeymoon, so it kind of sticks in my memory... grrr

fio2 Wed 07-Jan-04 09:17:15

does sound like vertigo or a sinus infection

lazyeye Wed 07-Jan-04 09:20:44

Pregnant? I get the spins in early pregnancy for some reason.....goes with the rest of the general hangover feeling.........

mears Wed 07-Jan-04 09:41:26

Sounds like something I had last year called Benign Positional Vertigo where crystals form in the inner ear and you feel really dizzy when you move your head, particularly when lying down in bed. IThe GP recommended exercises that were on the web but I can't find them at the minute. I have found another link though here
Will look again later when I have more time. It lasted a few weeks then disappeared.

Bron Wed 07-Jan-04 09:52:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mears Wed 07-Jan-04 09:54:32

Didn't see your earlier posting Bron - looks like we think the same thing.

3GirlsMum Wed 07-Jan-04 21:06:13

Thanks for your replies on this. I use a slightly higher pillow now and it seems to have gone. Not sure if its a coincidence or not yet and will revert to my normal pillows soon to check it out!

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