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Fucks sake! Talk to me about torn ligaments :(

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fuzzpig Wed 07-Nov-12 13:15:24

Have posted many times on our situation - basically DH had a prolapsed disc for 2 years and finally had surgery in sept. Seems to have worked but having been on crutches for a long time he's had to get used to normal muscle use etc.

However the doctor told him today that he has probably torn a ligament in his knee. sad he will be referred for X-ray next week.

He'd previously been told by the surgeon that he could start looking for a (gentle) job - good timing as I have become very ill this year and may need to stop work myself. But I don't know much about ligament things. One of my colleagues has been off a couple of months now with a torn ligament - so it can't be good can it sad

Feel like the phrase "one thing after another" has nothing on my life right now angry

Any advice?

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