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am I likely to be pregnant, or something else?

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needadvice Sun 04-Jan-04 19:15:40

I've deliberately not posted this on the pregnancy or conception threads because I really am not ttc.
About 7 weeks ago, I had unprotected sex and took the morning after pill about 11 hours later. About ten days later I had a light bleed for 2 days - much less than usual. No period since.
I've taken 3 pregnancy tests - the first one 3 weeks after taking the map as advised, the other 2 last week. Different makes, all very negative.
I really don't want another child right now so am panicing. Do you think I'm likely to be pregnant?

popsycal Sun 04-Jan-04 19:18:45

when was your last period?
it is possible to get pregnant even though you have taken the morning after pill (a friend of mine did)
are you late?

Lisa78 Sun 04-Jan-04 19:20:11

Am pretty sure you won't be, the MAP has a high success rate and if 3 tests say negative, then I'd relax. MAP can make your periods a bit ditsy though can't it, and worrying about not having a period can stop them too

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