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What foods to avoid with Crohn's?

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Chocolateporridge Tue 06-Nov-12 19:00:33

My brother is bringing his girlfriend round for dinner on Friday, its her first time here and they're in a long term relationship. He's told me she has Crohn's and has been very vague about what she can't eat. Can anyone give me some pointers so that I don't mess up, or worse, embarrass her?

CandiceMariePratt Tue 06-Nov-12 23:31:21

I have had Crohns for many years. The only things that make a lot of difference to me are onions, nuts and beer.

SleeveOfWizard Tue 06-Nov-12 23:47:13

I think it's an individual thing. Maybe pin her down to find out exactly what triggers her. My son is triggered by beef, processed foods and some carbs.

Chocolateporridge Wed 07-Nov-12 12:01:44

Thanks for your help. My brother doesn't want me to ask her (weird I know) so I'll have to muddle through I think.

pippop1 Wed 07-Nov-12 21:58:15

I think you should get him to ask her. It's really not fair on you to have to guess as everyone is different. It will be much less of a fuss if you know in advance and can cook something suitable for her that is the same for everyone.

Insist he asks her!

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