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Thyroid Nodules now thyroid enlarged.

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TantrumsandBananas Mon 05-Nov-12 16:57:58


Posted on other peoples threads before about thyroid but never done my own...anyway.

Nodule found last year, had it biopsied and scanned, one found on right side, about size of a large grape. One on other side, alot smaller. Anyhow both came back as benign, so after a couple of reruns of scans was discharged from endio department. Oh also had bloods done and were normal.

Just sort of accepted that they were here to stay and that was it!

So this year, I returned to Doctor, as although I have had some stress going on, I felt that I would like to eliminate anything physical if that makes sense.

My hair has been dropping out, stopped at the moment but its very very thin on top, its been thinning over time, but seems to have got worse this year.

I have memory loss. Some days worse than others, but other people have noticed too. A couple of times, I have forgotten things that have scared me!

Couple of other things, like I have gained weight over the years, and struggle to loose it. And also stomach problems, I am either constipated or running to the loo. Also heart beating really fast on occasion, usually when laid in bed.

So, Doctor suggested doing more blood tests. I was advised (by receptionist) that they had come back normal.

Again, I was just going to walk away and accept that I was getting older.

BUT have noticed today, that my thyroid gland seems enlarged, the way to explain is that the gland now seems way bigger than the grape size nodule.

I have made another Doctors appointment, earliest I can go is next Wednesday, I feel abit odd about it all now. Like I feel something isn't right, but obviously don'tknow what! I always feel so intimidated too.

Anyone got any ideas about any of this? I'm abit puzzled about what it could be if it isn't my thyroid, as the blood tests came back normal, and this new thing of enlarged thyroid is worrying.


curlypoo Mon 05-Nov-12 17:04:06

Well I would take a bet on toxic nodules which make you hyper.... you do seem to have a lot of the symptoms for hyperthyroidism so make sure they do a series of bloods and check your tsh. Make sure you get the figures for these as a lot of gps just say 'oh yes they are in the normal range' but often you feel really dreadful.

I had these things, was very very fat (4 stones more than I am now!) and lived with it going progressively more wrong over several years and got slowly iller and iller. In fact only realised how ill i was when i got better iykwim.

Insist of seeing an endocrynologist.

curlypoo Mon 05-Nov-12 17:06:05

so i think what I am trying to say also it that hyperthyroidism, contrary to popular belief is not always about being very very thin and vice versa for hypothyroidism.

digerd Mon 05-Nov-12 17:16:00

Go back to the doctor regarding the Thyroid enlargement.
There are 2 main Thyroid malfunctions. Underactive and Overactive.
You appear to have both, which is puzzling. Blood test on your Thyroid function will diagnose one or the other usually.
I had first an overative Thyroid gland. Symptoms
Loss of weight, trembling to shaky hands, nervous, irritable, hair growing faster, feeling hot and sweating, swollen Thyroid gland which appeared later in its progress and bulging eyes. Very high pulse rate/ blood pressure and palpitations.

During treatment to slow Thyroid down from producing too much hormone Thyroxine- I was overdosed and went underactive. Symptoms
Putting on weight, sluggish, slurring my speech, muscle cramping, loss of hair.

Only when my Thyroid swelled into a " goitre" and my eyes bulged did GP recognise the overactive Thyroid gland. But blood tests, if done for Thyroid, should have shown abnormalities.

Go back, and show GP the swollen Thyroid gland.

TantrumsandBananas Mon 05-Nov-12 17:40:27

Thanks for the replies, I will go next week, and copy what I have written here, or no doubt I will forget.

I agree with whats been said, its almost like its been so slowly happening, I've almost doubted myself! All very odd.

MrsMellowDrummer Mon 05-Nov-12 19:23:22

Ask to be checked for thyroid antibodies. If you have those, then without a doubt you have a thryoid disorder. I have nodules, and an enlarged thyroid, and had all the symptoms you've mentioned before I started taking thyroxine. I have auto-immune thyroid disorder, and am underactive. You can have all the symptoms, but still look as if your TSH is in normal range. Some doctors are more willing to treat than others. If you have ANY thyroid antibodies though, then you certainly have something going on with your thyroid, and things will only get worse rather than better unless you get some treatment.
I would push your doc a bit.

TantrumsandBananas Tue 06-Nov-12 14:55:58

Thanks MrsMellowDrummer thats really interesting.

I will be going next week with my assertive head on!

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