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Yasmin Pill - Help - What to do

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wishIwasonaBeach Mon 05-Nov-12 15:54:14

Hello - hope someone can help?

I am in the 2nd week of a 3 week/21 day pill packet.

I missed my pill 2 days on the trot and now I have my period but I still have a week of pills left?

Do I finish my packet and then have a period or do I finish this packet and go straight on to another?

I'm confused.

Thanks in advance smile

vodkaanddietirnbru Mon 05-Nov-12 16:08:15

this is what netdoctor says:

If you forget to take TWO or more pills, or start your new pack two or more days late, you won't be protected against pregnancy. You should take the last pill you missed as soon as possible, forget the other missed ones and then continue to take your pills, one every day, as normal. You should either not have sex, or use an extra barrier method of contraception, eg condoms, for the next seven days.
If you had unprotected sex in the seven days before you missed pills, you may need emergency contraception (the morning after pill). Ask for medical advice.

If there are fewer than seven pills left in your pack after your last missed pill, you should finish the pack and then start a new pack straight away without a break. This means skipping your pill-free week.

If there are seven or more pills left in your pack after your last missed pill, you should finish the pack and have your seven day break as usual before starting the next pack.

If you are confused about any of this, you can get individual advice for your circumstances from your doctor, pharmacist, local family planning clinic, or by calling the fpa helpline on 0845 122 8690.

wishIwasonaBeach Mon 05-Nov-12 16:14:10

Oh ok - that makes sense.

Thank you Vodka xx

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