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Emotional Support Needed- Tonsillectomy

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Goodbyetonsils Mon 05-Nov-12 12:47:41

Having my tonsils out on Friday! I am beyond terrified. Have waited for this for a long time but I'm petrified of the agony I will be in after- not of the procedure itself but waking in horrific pain. Really need some support sad

digerd Mon 05-Nov-12 15:34:56

I had mine out aged 4 - yonks ago.
My daughter had hers out at 14, some years ago. You will have a sore throat, can't tell you won't, but someone who has had this op recently, as maybe better after treatments now, can you advise you better. Good Luck

BigFatSpider Tue 06-Nov-12 18:38:43

Don't panic, OP! I had mine out 3 years ago (aged 33) and it was the best decision I have ever made regarding my overall health. Yes, it was painful - but you'll get a lot of pain relief on the ward and a whole host of take home drugs to control pain and stave off any post-op infection. Chewing gum was a good tip I was given (probably after day 4 or 5) just to keep your jaw muscles in good working order.

Follow the instructions you're given about the best sorts of things to eat during recovery - some may seem insane (crusty toast?!) but it's important to help flush away the cauterized scabs and let the healthy tissue heal underneath. Brushing your teeth will be grim but vital - just don't look at what you're spitting wink

Hope all goes well for you - I can't tell you the sheer relief of never suffering another debillitating attack! Good luck smile

Goodbyetonsils Wed 07-Nov-12 10:51:32

Thank you... I am actually in tears atm, had nightmare last night after reading it is 3rd most painful surgery I am so close to cancelling. This sounds ridiculous I sound pathetic but I am beyond petrified. Thank you for your reassurance, I need as many positive stories I can get!!

Missmuffet28 Wed 07-Nov-12 10:59:52

Had mine out many years ago aged 11 when they used scalpel and not laser type instruments that hurt but after watching my then 6 year old go through it with more modern techniques a few years back I'm sure it's a lot less painful than it used to be and its true you should eat stuff like toast my ds did and recovered in about 3 days, I however didnt mine got infected bled profusely and ended up being blue lighted back to hospital for another week so I'm really not trying to scare you but please don't think they are being cruel when they tell you to eat toast!
But for myself and ds best op EVER they should remove the damn things at birth if you ask me!
You will be fine

BigFatSpider Wed 07-Nov-12 14:43:22

Don't cancel. That's an order, right?!

I have had heaps of surgery over the years - two inguinal hernias, post-traumatic lipoma removal, emergency caesarian, tonsillectomy, ankle arthroscopy and lateral ligament reconstruction (hmm, such a catch, aren't I...) - and I would honestly say that the tonsillectomy recovery was not any more painful than any of these other invasive ops.

Summon those reserves and take a deep breath - a couple of weeks from now you will feel SO much better and the long term benefits are indescribable. If you're in South Wales I'll come and hold your hand if it gets you to the clinic! grin

Goodbyetonsils Wed 07-Nov-12 16:29:51

Aww BigFatSpider thank you so much for that, wish I was in South Wales! I'm on the border of North Wales [tongue] So I just got a phone call from the hospital postponing op til next Thursday!! I am so pissed off, another week of this constant dread sad Can't believe it sadsad

What you said about tonsillectomy not being more painful than the other ops is very comforting, I have really worked myself up convincing myself this would be the most horrific surgery as it's my throat and talking/eating/drinking mean it gets no rest

autumnfrost Wed 07-Nov-12 16:48:53

Let me join you I am 49 and I am on the waiting list to have mine out too.You will be all done and dusted and be giving me tips. You wait and see. Unmumnsnet HUGS

autumnfrost Wed 07-Nov-12 16:52:04

I am really worried about what they will discover with the biopsy more than the surgery

I had mine out aged 35.
I won't pretend it was fun.. BUT I have been so so much healthier since.. no more repeated tonsilitis and antibiotics!

The first few days are bloody painful but after that it heals quickly and is VERY worth it!

giraffesCantLightFireworks Thu 08-Nov-12 00:57:03

I had mine out last year - and I was apprehensive and put off pushing for ENT refferal because was afraid of getting them out. DO it! Honestly. I promise it is worth it. I get how you feel, I remember people reassuring me on here and I thought "no but you don;t get how scared I am, it is different for you" but honestly I get it.

I promise it is worth it.

You will be ok. The idea of it is worse than it is. Once they are out, they are out and you are in the moment and you will get through it.

I can try and did out my old threads on it if you want?

I got readmitted twice for bleeding - only a wee bit, not awful bleeding but protocol to readmit and got kept in an extra night after op as I fanted. And actually was better in hosp - better drugs!

Get difflam mouth wash prescribed - for some people it helped to numb throat! It didn;t for me but did help a bit.

DRINK lots and EAT. Listen to what they say.

Yes t is sore, I won;t lie BUT get in to a good routine with pain killers. If they are not working ask for more/different ones. It was on par with the worst tonsillitis I have ever had pain wise. BUT you don't have the temperature/general unwell ness of tonsillitus to deal with.

And you can post on here lots! Someone on here with the nickname spoon somthing or other had hers out same time and me and we messaged each other lots and was good support.

DO NOT CANCEL. Just think - you can plan and go on holiday and not worry you will get ill. No more worrying about every little feeling in your throat. No more missing nightsout/events/work because of bastard tonsillitis!

HazeltheMcWitch Thu 08-Nov-12 01:01:47

Well, I can't quite match BFSpider, but I too have had lots of ops, incl - get this - my tonsils out TWICE!! Prob as they weren't done right the first time round, and left a bit in. Don't panic about that btw, it's very very rare. The 2nd time - a an adult - hurt more than the first, but it really was not anything to rival any of the other ops. And I will maintain that kidney stuff is Hurts The Most.

Take good notice when they tell you about post op pain relief. Ask them to repeat instructions if need be, and def write them down. The trick is 'staying ahead of the pain' - ie taking tablets just as the others will be wearing off. You'll be told about frequency. Don't try to take fewer drugs, you will win no medals, and no one else will even care.

2nd the gum tip. But I used to chew loads of gum anyway, as with my rancid tonsils/adenoids etc, I was always worried about having bad breath and not realising. Those days are gone! Honestly, a few days of ick, and you will feel SO much better in the long run. Do take care of yourself.

giraffesCantLightFireworks Thu 08-Nov-12 01:07:48

Ok have found lots of my threads to inspire you!

this one was my hell when I discovered I had tonsillitis jsut before being usher at a wedding read it and think how once you have had the op then you, like me now, will no longer have this worry!

posting from my hospital bed eating chocolate!

post from *spoon* who I mentioned in my last post she felt same way you and I did. We both did it and both pleased after. smile

Hope reading these helps x

BigFatSpider Thu 15-Nov-12 09:45:03

Hey OP,

Just a quickie to say good luck for today - hope you haven't been cancelled again! Keep telling yourself it will be worth it - it will, I promise smile

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