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periods gone haywire, is this peri menopause?

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kaylasmum Mon 05-Nov-12 11:23:49

i'm 46 and for the last 2 years my periods have been very erratic. It started off with a couple of my periods being 2 weeks late. Before that i was very regular. Last year i was ill with anxiety and depression and i went 4 months without a period, since then they've been all over the place.

This past 2 months i've not had a proper period, last month when i was due i had a day of old brown blood and this month i've had a couple of days similar. My skin is breaking out in spots and my temper has been a lot worse than usual, also for the last 2 weeks my nipples have been very tender and painful.

Does this sound like the peri menopause?

GRW Mon 05-Nov-12 13:03:46

It does and it would be worth making an appointment with your GP, because they can do a blood test to check your hormone levels which will tell you if you're peri menopausal.
I am 49 and about a year ago had to go to the GP because I had a period that didn't stop fpr 18 days. They gave me tranexamic acid which reduces blood flow but didn't stop it, and then norethisterone which worked within 24 hours.
Since then periods have been lighter and erratic, and I didn't have one for 4 months recently but then they started again.

digerd Mon 05-Nov-12 15:24:05

Yes, it does. My daughter had this aged 44. She had a FSH - Folicular Stimulating Hormone- test which was raised and an indication of the perimenopause. At first her Oestragen was fine, but later that began to decline too.

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