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anyone had a sore throat for weeks/months now?

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biglips Mon 05-Nov-12 10:03:26

as i have as its permantly sore for the past 3 months and my left is feeling blocked and my right ear, my hearing is crap! (im deaf too).

Also since ive had a sore throat, im so tired too

ive got a docs appointment on wed

rockinhippy Mon 05-Nov-12 11:50:02

Sounds like a possible sinus infection, I get sore throats with that due to not breathing well, even though my nose isn't blocked - you probably need anti Bs to shift it

if its not that, & you have heartburn too, ask about a Heliobacter Pylori test - I had throat problems for years, blamed on M.E. - turned ou to be acid refluxx burning my throat as a result of this stomach infection.

good luck, hope yo feel better soon & try & get an earlier appointment & also try steam inhalations to help in the meantime - added pine aromatherapy oil is good for sinuses

biglips Mon 05-Nov-12 13:22:02

Think it is sinus infection as im swaying alot when im walking and got a headache. I has a sore throat to begin with, then has a bad cold for 2 wks about 2 wks ago but the sore throat is still here. Think poss a viral infection x

rockinhippy Mon 05-Nov-12 14:28:15

A viral infection won't last for 3 months but a bacterial one can & often needs anti Bs to shift it - if I were you I'd ring your surgery & ask for an earlier/emergency appointment & if it is a sinus infection, as certainly sounds more than likely, you need to start treatment asap, no point in being miserable if theres no need & the longer infections are left, the harder they are to shift -

Chronic sinusitis here as a result of a sinus infection being left too long & infecting bone when I was younger, even surgery didn't completely sort it out

biglips Tue 06-Nov-12 07:06:21

thanks rock as ill report back to let u know what's the verdict!

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