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Niggly Tonsils/Cough/Ear problems.. Advice pls!

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SecretSquirrel193 Sun 04-Nov-12 05:11:31

Bit of a funny one.. I have on and off sore throats, usually first thing in the morning which usually disappear throughout the day (but not always) and for the last couple of months have felt slightly rundown and have had a night cough as well as a daily on off runny nose, which gets worse if I am doing something -sat down or in the evening it doesn't/barely runs.. probably tmi but its clear/watery rather then snot. I also get on and off sinus pain - sometimes I feel like I am brewing for a horrible sinus head cold then the next day I am fine.

My ears also spend a lot of time popping, and if I try to blow them ala airplane, nothing happens except it hurts like hell! I would also say I don't seem to hear as well as I did (and slightly irrelevant, my sense of smell is crap too)

I also (!) get a lot of tonsil stones, and my tonsils seem to permantly look unhappy, even when my throat doesn't hurt.

I feel a bit silly going to a Dr for such niggly things but I wondered if I do go, is it worth asking about having my tonsils out? Have hopefully put a picture of my tonsils in their usual state on my profile..

Thanks smile

starsandunicorns Sun 04-Nov-12 05:26:29

i would pop to the docs all that area is connected (both dds had ear nose and thorat probs ) they may not whip your tonsils out staright away but will atleast monitior you smile they may be a prob with your anindiods (sp) hope that helps smile

SecretSquirrel193 Sun 04-Nov-12 05:38:42

Thank you smile I don't think twice about the dr when I'm "properly" ill but this is so niggly/minor it didn't seem right but you are right, it probably is connected now I think of it!

SecretSquirrel193 Sun 04-Nov-12 05:43:43

Photo is def up if anyone wants to be icked out smile

starsandunicorns Sun 04-Nov-12 05:53:47

im like thst ref docs only see them when half a leg is hanging off smile will look at pic when had 2nd coffee smile

SecretSquirrel193 Sun 04-Nov-12 20:21:34

bump for someone to have a look at my pic please!!

mawbroon Sun 04-Nov-12 22:51:37

Looking at the pic, I can see the whole of your tonsils without your tongue being depressed like the doc does with a tongue depressor.

DS1's tonsils were clearly visible until he got his posterior tongue tie released, and now, I can barely see his tonsils at all because his tongue sits much higher up at the back.

ENT stuff can be related to tongue tie. If the swallowing action is not correct, the drainage from the ears and sinuses isn't aided by swallowing as it should be, and the tonsils are not scrubbed by the tongue on swallowing.

Do you have any other stuff going on that might give me a clue as to whether you are tongue tied or not? Allergies/intolerance, digestive issues, speech problems or always having to watch your speech, pain or clicking in the jaw, orthodontic problems, high palate, mouth breathing, migraines, inability to open mouth wide? Did you breastfeed as a baby do you know? Can you touch your soft palate with your tongue? Can you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth and then open your mouth wide? Do you have a lip tie, or maybe a gap between your top teeth?

Sorry for all the questions!!

SecretSquirrel193 Mon 05-Nov-12 07:21:17

No known allergies or intolerances or digestive issues. Don't think I have any speech problems except when tired and I forget words or struggle to talk. No pain or clicking. Only ortho problems I've had is overcrowding and wonky teeth. Don't know if I have a high palate, am not aware of being a mouth breather, occasional migraine but no more then a lot of people I don't think. Can open my mouth wide, but trying to do so with my tongue on the roof of my mouth is hard- how wide should I be able to open it doing that?
Pretty sure I was a bottle fed baby. I can touch the roof of my mouth with my tongue. No tooth gaps, not sure what a lip tie is smile

I don't mind the questions, would love to feel normal again and not that general run down blah feeling!

SecretSquirrel193 Mon 05-Nov-12 10:08:44

Oh I have thought of something else, probably unrelated but I fairly reguarly forget how to swallow when eating or drinking, and it takes a good second or so for my brain to remember?! it will happen once or twice (usually once) then not for ages

mawbroon Mon 05-Nov-12 22:16:36

Hmm, you probably tick enough of the boxes to warrant looking into it further.

You should be able to open your mouth pretty wide while keeping the tongue touching the roof of your mouth. And the floor of your mouth shouldn't lift much when you do it.

Can you move your tongue backwards over your palate until you reach the soft palate?

Forgetting how to swallow sounds like a strange sensation!

more info about tongue tie

SecretSquirrel193 Tue 06-Nov-12 07:59:13

Its horrible when it happens, you have a moment of panic that you will choke and you seem to forget you have the option to spit it out in worst case scenario

I have the dr booked for later today

mawbroon Tue 06-Nov-12 08:07:22

Good luck at the docs, but don't expect a GP to be able to diagnose a tongue tie unless it's a really obvious one. And even then, they will dismiss it because most of them are taught that tongue tie is insignificant <voice of experience>

SecretSquirrel193 Tue 06-Nov-12 16:13:12

Am being treated for chronic sinusitis, the thinking is I have it and its my tonsils keep reacting - what muck does come out is irritating my tonsil

If it doesn't clear after a weeks course they will explore more options

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