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If DH has a heart or medical issues, how do I time it with insurances??

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nm123 Fri 02-Nov-12 21:11:38

So DH (33yo) has had a couple of weird moments with chest pains recently. He's been a bit stressed at work and doesn't deal with stress particularly well, we've had an extremely busy 18 months, and we've been rowing a bit too.

He went to the docs who said we should've called 999 in case it was a heart attack which obviously shocked/worried us. They did an ecg but said as it was a few days after it'd happened it all seemed normal. He was sent for blood tests and today got a letter referring him to a cardiologist on 22 Nov and also saying the blood test results are in but that he needs to go for another blood test.

So anyway, we're trying to stay calm and hoping that all this is just due to stress or anxiety at the worst...

In the meantime... I'm nearly at the end of my maternity leave and have been sorting stuff to go back to work. I've realised that I should've changed the details on my flexible benefits stuff to add private health care since DD was born. I've already got critical illness cover.

I'll speak to the benefits woman at work on Monday but I'm wondering how DH's current symptoms would be considered in terms of being a pre-existing condition? Obviously if he needs treatment or care of some kind, I'd like to be able to use the private healthcare, but not sure whether this will void it?

Also - if the cardiologist says it's just stress, does he have to tick the box on forms that say "have you ever had something up with your heart"? I guess I'm trying to work out if this is going to negatively affect his medical record? Obviously I want him to be well and it's most important that we get to the bottom of this, but just trying to understand the longer-term impact on some of the practical things....

EdithWeston Fri 02-Nov-12 21:19:02

Yes, you have to declare that he's under investigation - you wouldn't be able to claim for this episode as you'll be tripped up by his medical notes straight away. And if they conclude that an attempt to conceal was deliberate fraud, then you are in big trouble.

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