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Hair loss

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Fifi2406 Wed 31-Oct-12 12:34:40

I've read that it's fairly normal to lose hair after pregnancy..I'm 13 months down the line and still losing sooo much I've got regrowth coming but it's still huge amounts coming out when I wash my hair or brush it! Much more than it ever did before and I notice if I put it in a pony tail there is a huge difference to how it used to be! Anyone else had same and when did it stop or did you seek treatments?

digerd Wed 31-Oct-12 16:04:52

No, only when my sister developed and underactive Thyroid gland after the birth of her DS2. But she had no periods either for 4 months after the birth, and DR gave her blood test for her Thyroid.

fifi1984 Thu 01-Nov-12 11:50:17

Hi my fellow fifi!! smile A leading trichologist i spoke to called David Bailey at advised me to go on Dianette for my thinning hair, if you have heard of that?! it can be used for all sorts like acne, hair growth etc.. anyway after a few moths my hair regrew wonderfully and i'll forever thank David for recommending Dianette for me. Good luck hun x

Fifi2406 Thu 01-Nov-12 14:13:34

Thank you so much Fifi I'm going to go and ask about going on it! I was on it before I had my son but since having him I've gone onto a different one! Thanks

JellyBelly10 Thu 01-Nov-12 14:29:27

I would recommend Florisene and a hypnotherapist!
I suffered terrible hair-loss for about 4-5 months early last year. I'm not totally sure what started my hair loss but there appear to have been three possible reasons. 1) I had been on a bit of a crash diet for about 3 months leading up to it and had totally cut out dairy so had eaten a lot of soya products. I've since read that in some people soya products can cause I think that had something to do with it. 2) I had been through a stressful time with my child having major operations for a bone condition. 3) I was a little low in iron (tested by GP). I don't know which one of these started it but it was the stress of the actual hairloss which made it worse! The more I worried about it the more it was coming out! So firstly, I went back to dairy products and ate loads and put back some weight. Secondly I bought product called Florisene which is specifically for female hair-loss, it's a high dose iron supplement but also has an enzyme called lysene which promotes hair growth. I've been taking it for about a year now and really think it works. But the most significant thing, which literally stopped my hair-loss overnight was that I went to a hypnotherapist!!!! I am SO not the sort of person who usually believes in alternative therapies and all that sort of stuff, so was very sceptical but as I knew tht it was stress (ie a state of mind) that was causing it to be so bad, I felt that reversing that state of mind could help. Literally overnight my hair stopped falling out! I went to a local hypnotherapist and explained the whole situation and I went to three sessions, but actually after the first session it stopped! It sounds daft but under hypnosis she told me it was time for the hair to stop falling out and it did!! Over the past year my hair has grown back so looks it's normal thickness on the head itself, but still looks a bit rats-taily at the ends as it's fairly long so needs to catch up with itself, but definitely on the actual scalp it's back to normal. I would definitely recommend hypnotherapy if you think it might be stress-related or if you think the stress of worrying bout it might be making it worse. Also I would recommend Florisene. I was taking the three tablets a day they recommend for the first 6 months but after 6 months I reduced to 1 per day so given that a box of 90 tablets is about £15, that's only £5 per month once you're down to 1 tablet a day. I hope things improve for you as I know how devastating it can be. Good luck.


JellyBelly10 Thu 01-Nov-12 14:30:28

Sorry that wasn't meant to say shortcuts at the end!!!! I wasn't recommending a short hair cut!! grin

mahi1 Fri 02-Nov-12 06:11:53

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