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Head lice!!

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welshchick21 Tue 30-Oct-12 17:46:40

My son HAD head lice at the weekend. I literally only found 12 lice and I treated him with Headrin Once, I've since been combing his hair (wet combing with a nit comb!) twice daily and found nothing since treating him. His head is clear, there is NOTHING coming from the comb or in the scalp of his hair BUT... he's got bites and is therefore still itching. Are these left over bites that are now itching (as we all know bites itch for a few days after the event!!)?? He also has mild eczema on his scalp and i cant see which are/were bites and which is the eczema that he's been scratching and therefore making it worse!! Im looking for the nit guru woman Barbara Shenkin - does anyone have her details and/or advise...

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