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Here we go again!! What's wrong with me? Any ideas?

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stepawayfromthefridge Tue 30-Oct-12 11:16:43

Hi, just wondered if anyone else had any experiences like mine? I'm losing the will to live now sad.

In July I had a dull ache by my left hip. It went after three weeks but reappeared on my right side. It has been there since. It gets worse after exercise and in the week before my period. I like going to the gym etc but have had to stop all of that now and now I can't do anything requiring any physical effort. I have difficulty having a complete bowel movement ( have to splint) and although i can retain a tampon its painful. Sitting on hard surfaces is also uncomfortable. I have rested for the last few weeks and it has eased up a bit. I have 2 dcs aged 8 and 4 and was diagnosed last year with a rectocele and cystocele prolapse albeit mild.

I have seen countless GPs at my practise, had diagnosis of ibs, groin strain, etc nothing concrete. Ive had an gynae ultrasound scan that showed nothing, complete blood works including markers for ovarian and bowel cancer, all clear. I've persuaded my GP to refer me to the urogyae re prolapse . He said although I've got a prolapse it wasn't the cause of the aching and said it was muscle. Saw physio who tried ultrasound therapy but that didn't work so referred me to orthopaedics. Saw the consultant, had MRI scan, got results yesterday, all clear, nothing physically wrong. He said he thought it was gynae related so has referred me for a second opinion. So frightened, would tumours show up on MRI? Sorry if this sounds naive but I'm losing the plot now. Had a smear test yesterday too and the test set my aching hip off again sad

I'm going mad or so I feel. This ache is debilitating and has been such a worry to me, I'm so anxious about it I can't eat or sleep. Im now wondering if its all anxiety!??Any ideas? Could it be endermetreosis? My periods aren't heavy or painful though. I would really appreciate any thoughts x

Lozislovely Tue 30-Oct-12 20:04:57

Hi step

Your symptoms sound similar to mine (though mines completely on the left side).

Managed to get a gynae referral and was told it was muscular! Wtf, I think I can tell the difference.

I'm on the mini pill following issues with mirena and don't really get periods at all, which my gynae also said for that reason it can't be endo because I don't bleed. From research I've done online endo cells can attach themselves pretty much anywhere in the upper body and bleeding isnt the only symptom. following a bout of sciatica last year I'm 100% sure it's endo after taking into account all the other symptoms - time of the month that I get the pain, the type of pain etc. and think mine is somewhere in my sciatic nerves (get awful pains down my left leg).

Having said that I also suffer with anxiety but believe I'm 'clever' enough to know when my symptoms are real.

Sorry I don't have an answer but just to say believe in yourself and don't take no for an answer.

I've got a second appt with my gynae on Thursday after being sent away to do abdominal exercises (as apparently that will 'cure' me) and will not be taking no for an answer wink

gussiegrips Wed 31-Oct-12 21:29:23

Ask to be referred to a women's health physio.

It's not uncommon to have pelvic floors which are too tight, even with a prolapse which is logically associated with weakness.

Think of your pelvic floor as a trampoline that's holding up all the gubbings of your guts, too loose and everything sags and there's no "bounce", too tight and it's too rigind adn there's still no bounce.

Symptoms would include pain on using tampons, pain varies with your cycle, problems pooing, pain with sex, random pain and referred pain to your groin or hips.

You can get "trigger points" in the pelvic floor just like any other muscle. THat's like a spot of spasm which is exquisitely tender - adn can refer pain to other areas.

Which is why the physio you saw would have been treating your hip directly, but, to be honest, if there's no hip symptoms (pain on walking, stiffness, clicking or pain in the night or morning) then I'd be thinking it's fanjo trouble. The reason why your GP is insisting it's muscular is because your symptoms present as being muscular - but I'd wonder if it wasn't your hip girdle muscles.

I'd insist on a referral to a woman's health physio, the urogyn can do that, but so can your GP. They'll check your pelvic floor prolapse, check if the muscle is in spasm and be able to fix it.

Google "pelvic floor dysfunction" and see whether the symptoms fit. But, don't be scaring yourself with Dr Google! PM me if you want to chat. I should probably add that I'm a physio, not some creepy fanny fan...

DeadQODy Wed 31-Oct-12 21:34:59

I've had similar and turns out I have adhesions. My ovary on the right is stuck to a bit of bowel and bladder, so when one is swollen, ie in lead up to period, womb impacts on bowel and causes constipation and pains.
I did lots of stretching and bending back ward, forward, sideways etc and felt like I kinda released something.

gussiegrips Wed 31-Oct-12 21:42:28

Oooh, I've just read what I wrote - and wish to clarify, I do not think that females who prefer fannies are creepy. <Must read before posting>

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