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Has anyone else ever had this before? Need help before I go MAD!

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wanttosetmyselfonfire Sun 28-Oct-12 22:34:49


DD2 lovingly gave the whole family nits. This has been the 3rd time in 10 years so not too bad I reckon. Anyhoo, every time I get nits my whole body breaks out in a mass of itchy red lumps which weep and crust when I scratch. They are everywhere, even the soles of my feet but never my face. NHS24 have no idea what it is therefor cannot advise on treatment. Piriton does nothing to ease it. I have never heard of anyone else take a reaction like this, could anyone here give any advice?

Feckbox Sun 28-Oct-12 22:47:54

I had a similar but less severe reaction when my 10 yo got an astonishingly bad dose of nits recently. I found about 5 in my hair but at the same time had the most dreadful all over body itch that lasted about 4 weeks. I had a few red lumps but they were , I think, just caused by scratching.

On the nits front, i used the nittygritty comb ( it costs about ten pounds . I got mine in Boots ) and can't recommend it highly enough

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