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adult ear infection

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mumineedapooooo Sun 28-Oct-12 19:38:40


i had an ear infection about 4 weeks ago and had antibiotics off gp,i finished the course and the pain went but still had the horrible feeling in both ears,gurgling and the feeling of needing to pop them, im also very sensitive to loud noises.
Now for the last few days the pain has come back and i now have pusy,swollen tonsils too.
if i go back to the doctors is he likely to give me anything else or will i be wasting his time?

PurpleGentian Sun 28-Oct-12 19:51:17

I'd go back to the GP.

You are concerned about your ears, which from your description didn't seem to have fully recovered from the ear infection, and your tonsils.

Whether or not he gives you anything will depend on what he thinks after looking at you, but you're not wasting his time by going back. It's the GP's job to check out your legitimate medical concerns.

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