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DF having angioplasty - what aftercare is needed?

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Yika Sat 27-Oct-12 22:15:05

My dad is having a stent put in in a couple of weeks time. He had a heart attack back in June.

He lives alone. I live in Belgium, about 6 hours' drive away. My brother lives about an hour distant from him.

Anyone out there know what kind of care would he need immediately after the op? I know someone needs to drive him home and stay with him for a day. My brother will have to do it I'm afraid. But for the rest of the week, will he also need care or will he be able to look after himself (go out for some light shopping for example)?

I don't particularly want to have to take a week off work and go to England, mainly because it's quite a palaver logistically for me - travelling with my 2yo DD (I am a single mum so can't leave her) - and then we would not be able to stay with my dad (he lives in a tiny rented bedsit), so would involve either staying in a local hotel or with my mum, again about an hour away.

I'd be very happy to have my dad to stay with me here to convalesce, but I'm sure he won't be able to travel immediately. I will invite him to come whenever he feels up to it.

If I have to go, I will go of course. I don't want to leave my brother with the entire burden.

My dad doesn't want anyone to fuss or go and look after him!

Thanks for your thoughts/experience.

sashh Sun 28-Oct-12 01:39:07

He will be absoloutly fine.

During the procedure there will be a small cut in his groin, but that will be sealed when he leaves hospital.

If he has a dressing then the best thing to do is soak it off in the bath.

He should feel better immediatly, less breathless and with more energy.

If you are worried about him not having shopping then you could get Tesco's to deliver a few bits and pieces.

I think having him visit you is a lovely idea.

Yika Sun 28-Oct-12 08:27:27

Great, that's very reassuring. Good idea to get the home delivery from tesco's!

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