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back and front leg pain - not cycle related - could it be endometriosis?

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TheLightPassenger Sat 27-Oct-12 18:51:44

Apols if this is a stupid question, but for the last few years, I have had problems with back pain that radiates down the front of my legs when on my feet for a long time. I don't think it is cycle related, but it's hard to tell as I have been on contraceptive pills for over a decade, save for a few months before falling PG, which have sorted out my usual nightmare, heavy painful periods. I have been to GP a few times and they have done basic checks on my back/range and movement, and sent me away with advice to exercise and take pain killers. After reading a few threads on here, I wondered if it could be endo?

ClareMarriott Sun 28-Oct-12 12:00:49

Have you been to see an osteopath about it ? Could it be sciatica?

TheLightPassenger Sun 28-Oct-12 12:17:25

tbh if I went private, I would prefer physio to osteo. It's definitely not sciatica as it's not the back of my legs that's the problem. Many thanks for replying, much appreciated smile

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