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**Tamoxifen** the 30th thread !

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MaryAnnSingleton Fri 26-Oct-12 15:32:17

Am wheeling the trolley over....

rocamadour Wed 05-Dec-12 12:40:56

Thanks kurri and copthall. I'm getting worried again. I had transvaginal us and my gynae reckons I have a polyp, probably tamoxifen induced. I'm having it removed and they'll also biopsy a sample of uterine lining. She did however think all looked normal apart from the prescence of the polyp. Obviously at the back of my mind is the thought of endometrial cancer; the odds are in my favour but then I thought the same while being tested for bc in the first place. sad

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 04-Dec-12 18:14:09

aw,lovely to see you otm - we're over on thread 31 now (link below by gig)
Sorry you've had a rough time - hooray for 3 left grin

overthemill Tue 04-Dec-12 17:55:14

hello everybody sorry i have been absent for a long time - been having very rough time with chemo - had 9 now and 3 left - so have had no energy for anything except absolute essentials. barely touched laptop and updated via facebook on phone just for family and friends on chemo day.

but had to come on to say thank you to my secret MN santa so wanted to pass on my good wishes to you all. lots of love and hope all is going at the very least ok. i know it is ending for me - active treatment - but even that seems scary!

Gigondas Mon 03-Dec-12 17:14:35

It's time for a new thread

Gigondas Mon 03-Dec-12 17:09:35

I was actively encouraged to eat yoghurt (still am) which is hard as I am not really a fan.

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 03-Dec-12 16:55:18

yep,that makes sense gig
Eating yogurt hasn't harmed me so far either grin
Yay - I have Aveeno and some steroid stuff for leg rash -I had to explain everything as it wasn't on my immediate notes on screen- but he found the letter from lovely onc from my last visit which mentioned Aveeno.
I was being very vague and faffy so he probably thinks I'm nuts.He took my blood pressure too,which was normal.

Gigondas Mon 03-Dec-12 16:15:13

I asked my dietician about the food advice on chemo- she laughed and said it was common sense . So I would eat "banned" stuff if I was sure of source (eg wrapped with use by date from waitrose - yes, from man on market stall which didn't know - no). Also the no raw food when neutropenic is rubbish unless your raw food is picked unwashed from side of the road.

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 03-Dec-12 16:04:46

I bought some mints -and chewy- cn't really describe it- actually that nice mouth spray from gig in my brilliant parcel from you lot might be good- it's lemon & mint.
Am charged with buying the cheese platter for book group's Christmas evening on Thurs...I know I've resigned,but they invited me anyway. I guess I have to forgo the blue unpasteurised strict were you all on chemo ?
I do love cheese...
Waitrose do Bath Olivers too- yum.
Dad has some lovely Ravillious books- one was his bday present from me. Am also big fan of Edward Bawden. My mum who was at St Martin's in the 50s says that Bawden was a huge influence on them all.
Better go and get ready for docs...

Gigondas Mon 03-Dec-12 15:08:51

How is your itching ned too?

Ginger chews also good for taste/nausea.

Must get back to try to write Xmas cards

smee Mon 03-Dec-12 14:58:27

Waving back to Gracie. How's the itching?? smile

smee Mon 03-Dec-12 14:57:50

Just posted on pic, Gig. You can more than go for it. Glad leg's feeling less sore too. smile

MAS, chewing gum helped me too. Had quite forgotten that. How are you feeling apart from that? I have a blue alphabet bowl, which I use alongside DS's pink one and we have a couple of very old mugs too from DH's mother's house, though I don't tend to use them, as I'm scared of breaking them. Vouchers sound lovely and hugely well deserved. smile

Gigondas Mon 03-Dec-12 14:48:51

We haven't got many sylvanians so might have to hand the sylvanian nativity challenge onto someone else.

Will post photo on fb of hair to get verdict if it is too short or should wig/scarf smee. And leg is loads better so not sure who went on to make it so sore on Friday.

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 03-Dec-12 12:47:35

gracie taste thing isn't nice at all...I will buy more chewing gum today I think.

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 03-Dec-12 12:46:38

yes gig - we need a Sylvanian nativity !
I think you'd look lovely in any combination of head apparel- whatever you feel happiest and most relaxed with as smee suggests.
Am seeing GP this afternoon- couldn't get to see my own but another in the practice -think he is the handsome one grin Fingers crossed for Aveeno !
I love those alphabet bowls smee -there was one on ebay when I was searching for dad's thing.
Today I received a most lovely santa present from a lovely Mumsnetter - 2 vouchers,one for me and one for T - iTunes one for him which he will totally love - so very,very kind and generous- I feel very touched. I suspect a lovely pal from this very thread may have nominated me,so thank you xxxxxxxx

graciesmall09 Mon 03-Dec-12 12:25:07

Popping on quickly just to say I haven't forgotten about you all. I check in most days but having connectivity problems so usually on my phone.

Glad your DD's concert went well kurri even with her snazzy scarf.

Hugs to ned. This really is a most awful emotional journey. I had a wobble when my chemo finished and rads started. I used to sob in the car travelling for rads. One of my best friends is a counsellor and swears by it so it may be helpful for you to off load. Hope your itching continues to improve.

topsy hat looks fab and very impressed with your tree. The children decorated ours and then I repositioned inspected the result. Will be thinking of you in January for your scan.

copthall glad you have the energy for gangnam. My daughter does this at dance to finish off and I'm exhausted watching, but then I am an old fogie. Glad your dad had a good time.

gigs love your nativity. Hope you aren't leaving out the Sylvanians grin.

mas The taste thing is something I really struggled with. It even lasted quite a few weeks after chemo stopped. Each session I craved something different but I found butter balls/mintoes helped or salt and vinegar crisps although not to be recommended if your mouth is sore. Hope your hands aren't too bad.

Waves to smee don't work too hard.

Epic post again, hugs to all those who need it.

smee Mon 03-Dec-12 11:57:29

brew here too, Gig. Do you like the short crop look? If so, why not stick with that. I'd vote for whatever you feel most confident with though. How's the leg today?

Gigondas Mon 03-Dec-12 11:23:27

brew Anyone?

Glad dd concert went well kurri
ned it is incredibly hard living through this- I think emotional fall out is the hardest people. I second the advice on exploring counselling as a way to offload, process and come to terms with this. wine Is also good.

mas t doing his options wow (and jchoc dd with her Ucas). Did you find out about Aveno at Gp?

topsy love the hat and will light candles and send love/prayers for your scan (my next one is about 2 weeks later so will need help and good wishes then).

copthall amgrin at your gangnam injury .

Mini gig was a sod bit minxy on Saturday night but was better yesterday and today so hope teeth are through now. Went to see friends yesterday and combined it with a trip to Santa which both kids liked.

This week is all about christening and trying to do Xmas stuff. I still have no idea what to wear. And do I go scarf/wig or ultra short no2 cut for it? Any ideas?

smee Mon 03-Dec-12 11:12:08

Yes, hooray for KK's dd. She must be very talented. smile

Copthall, your dad sounds like a true bon viveur! Love the story of your DD and the horse. grin

Ned, hope you're feeling less wobbly today, but come wobble on here. I will supply hot chocolate and apple muffins, freshly baked. smile

MAS, hope GP says yes to Aveeno. That Ravilious print was a good find, not to mention a bargain. DH has a pink alphabet bowl which he uses each morning for his breakfast, so definitely a favourite here too. How scary for T; mock exams already..! shock

No time to write more. Hope everyone's up for the week ahead. Better get back to work..

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 03-Dec-12 07:24:55

hooray for dd kk -I'd be glowing with pride...maybe the nasty scarf irritated her neck ? grin but seriously, poor girl.
ned what kk said is v sensible and wise. And we are always here for you xx
Love to all today- am going to try to see my gp and ask for Aveeno and T starts his mock exams -eek.

KurriKurri Sun 02-Dec-12 23:46:23

Hello all - just popping in quickly to wave and blow kisses.
i've been out most of the weekend doing the art thing with the kids (its been good fun but tiring) - and I'm doing it all next week too - so may not be around much.

Hello to Roca - I'm glad you are feeling more reassured, I have a friend who had some bleeding on tamoxifen, and all was fine, btu I think they changed her to a different drug. Anyway I hope it all turns out fine for you - stick around for hand holding smile

Hugs to ned - I'd definitely ask about counselling, - it can be very helpful, I think the emotions you are going through at the moment are very normal for someone at your stage of treatment - its a new sort of stage in the whole 'journey' - and you have all sorts of anxieties, feelings of abandonment (because you're not at the hospital so much) and it starts to sink in a bit what you have gone through. While you are having chemo etc, you are so fixated on getting through your treatment, you don't have too much time to think about it all, so the emotional stuff hits you once the treatment ends.

Also - I think you tend to build up in your mind the idea of when you finish treatment you will fell well again, and everything will go back to the way it was. But often you don't physically feel brilliant for a god while afterwards, and cancer does change your life, - gives you identity and your confidence a bit of a knock - at least thats what I found.

Anyway keep chatting on here - we all luffs you greatly, lovely ned, and wants you to feel like yourself again asap xx

DD's concert went well -her playing was lovely - I was very proud of her. She even wore the nasty scarf (although it kept getting in the way and trying to wrap itself round her hands grin) - her wrist seems a lot better, but she has hurt her neck now, - not quite sure how she did it, but she does get a lot of these kind of problems and i thin it is probably connected with the hours spent practising, and being in one position.

Copt - party sounds fab - many happy returns to your Dad.

MAS - the taste thing is one of the horridest things on chemo, I don't know what you can do about it, - I ate quite a lot of mint imperials and sherbet lemonsgrin(although be careful with the latter if your mouth is sore)

topsy - good luck for your jan appointment, you know we'll all be sending massive good vibes your way.

Love to smee and jane and anyone I've missed.

Will pop in when and if next week, but if I'm not around much love to all, especially anyone having tests, results or treatment.

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 02-Dec-12 23:13:57

Glad you had such a fab time copthall ! Sounds amazing - need to think of suitable 80 th celebrations next may for my dad. I found a sweet tiny Ravillious print with a bird and the date 1933 which I snapped up - dad great admirer of Ravillious, as am I.
Things taste fine to me, though am off some things - the horrid taste just lingers around.

Copthallresident Sun 02-Dec-12 22:28:14

Staggers to trolley, leaves ten half drunk bottles of champagne and some squashed 80th birthday cup cakes (with amazing edible photos of Dad aged 2, 17, 40 and 80 smile ), staggers away to nurse hips that haven't taken too kindly to dancing gangnam style twice last night (that Korean bloke must be a lot fitter than he looks!!) and eyes that are seeing stars from 5 and a half hours on motorway.

Dad had a great birthday, sang Danny Boy but not Wild Rover, and really enjoyed having the whole extended family, and his oldest friends around him. Wild next generation of cousins very quiet, possibly partly because one 18 year old was pregnant, in contrast to my DDs, who insisted on YMCA and gangnam style (twice) and were up on stage with the little cousins. Youngest DD went missing at 1am, searched everywhere, then heard plaintive wails from the stables where she had managed to lock herself in whilst telling the horse how much she loved her......

Mas I had the horrible taste thing with chemo, everything lost it's nice taste and I especially completely went off the taste of things I eat on the day of chemo (like when something makes you sick). One of my friends who kept me company during one of the treatments brought along some of her lovely homemade dumplings and I couldn't face them for a year after. In the end just the sight of the hospital was making me feel queasy. I took it that my body was saying this really isn't a good idea, you can see it's point.

rocca Chemo stopped my periods but then about once a year until I stopped Tamoxifen I got bleeding, so it had to be checked each time. The very jolly hockey sticks lady who does the vaginal ultrasound at the Marsden kept saying it was having one last shout (the vaginal ultrasound is fine but when the person who is doing it is Miranda Hart's double it is more worrying) I think we have all come to deeply distrust our hormones......

Flagging, time for warm bath, and bed.....Waves to everyone.

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 02-Dec-12 22:04:29

smee I know- swcarily T is having to think of A levels- 6th form college nearby,and very well regarded.
jane personal statement is scary,but am sure dd will be fine -smart girl.
Tate thing is still there- will just have to keep eating !
Dad did his chilly outside band performance -his hands must've been frozen, but it was v nice. There were adorable donkeys too-and a tiny baby one aged just 4 weeks- so sweet.

smee Sun 02-Dec-12 18:47:18

Topsy, January is a way away and your body will be on track, am sure of it. Enjoy Dress-cember I reckon, it's a good distraction. smile

MAS, shock at T going to do 'A' levels. Is it a sixth form college? Am assuming so. How v.grown up. How's the taste today?

Jane, hope the personal statement isn't too fraught. I know they can be from various friends who have seen their DC through them.

Counselling's worth a whirl, Ned. You might as well if it's offered. I'm trying to think back to when I was in that dip and it did last a while. Hard to climb out of it all when you feel so physically battered too. I didn't do the counselling route, but I probably should have.

Roc, hope you found that wine. Just voicing fears and paranoia helps I think. That's a large part of why we're all here. I know it's helped me a lot. I'm getting better at all that, but am not sure it ever really stops.

Been traipsing across Bermondsey to see an Anthony Gormley show, which involves crawling through a dark labyrinth of steel. DS predictably loved it. Might have to have a hot bath to aid my back's recovery though. grin

MaryAnnSingleton Sun 02-Dec-12 12:30:28

will be crossing everything for you topsy
ned counselling might be a helpful idea - onc doc mentioned it to me but frankly i've had enough of talking therapies in my life and I pointed out that dear bcn was so helpful to me (and though I didn't say it- my fab cyber pals on here)
Wedding will be lovely I'm sure- am v excited for you- it'll be magically Christmassy in Kew Gardens.
T has filled in his A level application thing for college - exciting and scary !

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