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**Tamoxifen** the 30th thread !

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MaryAnnSingleton Fri 26-Oct-12 15:32:17

Am wheeling the trolley over....

jchocchip Mon 29-Oct-12 08:27:48

Morning all! just signing in to works computer so it will have logged me in by the time I have gone for a quick run and made a brew and a vat of porridge! Will start work later at home, then a nice drive out in the countryside to put up another site notice and take a few pictures... Then I'll write a few reports. anyone got plans for today?

invicta Mon 29-Oct-12 08:42:15

Nearly forgot to take my tamoxifen last night. Has anyone else found it difficult to get into a routine of taking their pills. Ironically, if I have a headache or feel below par, then I am quite happy to pop a pill. However, I think that because ihaven't got any obvious symptoms which the tablet rectifies, then I forget to take it.

jchocchip Mon 29-Oct-12 08:54:08

yes its easy to forget and because its not marked up with days of the week easy not to notice that you did forget! thinking of setting a recurring alarm on my phone, that may remind me...

smee Mon 29-Oct-12 10:32:43

Jane, blimey you sound like wonder woman! says Smee slouched at her desk with a vat of coffee grin

Invicta, you can get quite funky pill boxes these days. I was resistant until I found a bright red one. There's a space for each day of the week. DS hankers after it as he reckons it's cool. smile

Gracie, your mother sounds beyond annoying. Good on you for going ahead though. Sounds like you need a day for you after all of that. Hope you get one.

MAS did DS get to Italy okay? Hope you're not missing him too much. Are your hands still improving?

Kurri, how's the cold. Is anyone giving you sympathy apart from little old lady dog??

Topsy, did you get an appt about your skin yet? Hope you did. Must be miserable waiting. Do you think it's flared up as your body comes out of chemo? Can't be a coincidence. If so in a weird way, is that kind of positive. By which I mean you're coming back to life?! confused

Wonder how Gig's getting on in Disney-hell. grin

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 29-Oct-12 10:56:28

jane is wonder woman grin !
Hands slowly improving- still horribly prickly..chemo certainly is very toxic stuff...
T should be safely in Italy and up on Vesuvius right now - hope he's remembering to wash/keep his things safe/and is having a fab time.
Tumble dryer man is huffing away - but hooray,it's working !

smee Mon 29-Oct-12 11:49:03

Chemo is indeed toxic, but then at least it's doing something, MAS so I'd say it's working. smile

Just curious, but does anyone else have long term nerve problems after Rads. I've read it's not uncommon, but all across my chest I'm having tingly pains, which I think must be nerve regeneration. It's a bit like sun burn. v.odd..

graciesmall09 Mon 29-Oct-12 12:10:14

Yes mas unfortunately my mum is like that most of the time. She seems to have lost all social grace as she has got older. Her favourite line is 'I can't be bothered' something which DH struggles with so their relationship can be difficult at times. I do feel sorry for her because she really doesn't have any friends as she can be quite blunt and hurtful at times. T is probably having a blast. He is a boy though so washing is probably not a priority grin.

smee I have read about people having nerve problems after ops although not sure about rads but if you are concerned could you contact your bcn.

kurri hope that cold is better today.

How is your skin today topsy? Do you feel any more relaxed after your rest yesterday?

We are getting our flu jabs on Friday and whilst mine is coming from the surgery supplies we have prescriptions for the rest of the family but I can't find a pharmacist who can supply it. Just waiting for the surgery to phone me and hopefully give me a different prescription. Whilst in the chemist there was a woman in front of me wearing her pyjamas, dressing gown and slippers!! Why would anyone think that is a good look?

smee Mon 29-Oct-12 12:16:08

Actually Gracie that's a v.good point, as the nerve problems might be mastectomy related not Rads. Am being a bit dim not thinking that through. I'm not worried as it's across such a wide area. Feels itchy, which is apparently not uncommon.

shock at woman in her PJ's. Apart from anything else, surely she was freezing?!

graciesmall09 Mon 29-Oct-12 12:30:39

Well her dressing gown was fleece grin but her slippers were little mules and her feet were bare and not very clean.

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 29-Oct-12 12:54:37

not a good look !
Probably is mastectomy related smee - no post rads tingliness here anyway.
I think some older people do lose the ability to moderate what they say - and also some things can seem an awful effort,even if they're nice,like having Chinese food. My mum can be very negative about things which is very draining and drives me mad, but she is not well and unable to do so much for herself.

smee Mon 29-Oct-12 13:40:41

Dirty feet. shock

MAS, my mother's becoming more and more intolerant too. Very hard to watch someone sink like that. How's your dad atm? Is he okay and keeping busy?

I have just had a bit of a google (slaps hand!), but yes the surgeons cut nerves when they perform mastectomy, so yes that is most likely. Quite useful having had a preventative mastectomy, as it's made me less paranoid in a way. If I get pain on that side (which is where it mostly is), it's easier to rationalise it as non-cancerous.

MaryAnnSingleton Mon 29-Oct-12 15:43:38

dad seems ok - in good spirits on Friday when we saw them. He is always practicing his oboe when I speak to mum on the phone -I can hear it in the background, in fact I can see him at his music stand in the spare room from our house !

KurriKurri Mon 29-Oct-12 16:33:54

afternoon all.

smee - I get all sorts of twinges an weirdness on my mastectomy side, especially on the scar, - I get a sort of deep itch which I can't relieve by scratching (it's sort of well under the skin , inside IYSWIM, most odd and unpleasant) and I also get a kind of really nasty pain, where everything really hurts round my chest wall, just for a couple of minutes then it stops. Sort of pain which makes you gasp, but it goes quickly.

So - in short, yes I think nerve damage is the cause of these odd things. I think you look at your scar and think that might be painful, but you tend to forget that they've been in under your arm rummaging about like nobodies business, so damage is probably more widespread than is obvious.

T will be having a great time MAS, Vesuvius is lovely - Pompeii amazing. I hope he's having better weather than the dismal rubbish we have here. Hope the hands continue to improve, but yes chemo is nasty poisonous stuff unfortunately.

jane - you have been busy! - it will be a break to get back to work today grin

gracie - sorry your mum was bit rude. I think it is an older person thing, - my late MIL used to say all sorts of awful things. I think as well, when you've been very ill, you get a bit less tolerant of people messing you about, so even if they've always done it, it becomes more irritating.

Invicta - if I didn't have an old lady pill box with the days marked on it, I'd forget my tamox. all the time, I am completely hopeless.

Cold is a bit better today, but I've given it to DD (so I am not her favourite person atm!) I went to yoga this morning and managed not to cough all the way through.

I managed to fall out of bed last night - suddenly woke up and found myself in a heap on the floor confusedgrin I've even got a graze on my knee to show for it, although I don't remember knocking my knee. I'll need those bed guards next, - I'm one step away from an incontinence sheet.

jchocchip Mon 29-Oct-12 20:28:20

aw kk put a bit more water with your whisky tonight ;)
work was a bit of a pain, computer playing up then I got rained on on site (not too much) Saw a couple of really nice houses today, one with a herd of wicker deer on the lawn.
mas I'd like to go to pompeii, tho I'd like to do a latin course first, my latin is a bit rusty and I like to be able to translate inscriptions.
smee - what kk said about the rummaging makes sense, and maybe the tingling is things rearranging as you say.
waves to everyone I've missed.
mum rang, needed dd to change channels to university challenge... going to have to get them some intercom! the relay through facebook text etc is a bit cumbersome. tho she did pick up her mobile today.

smee Mon 29-Oct-12 20:29:39

MAS, have you heard from DS yet?? I hope he had an amazing day. I would love to go there. Do you think your Dad uses his oboe to lose himself in? He must find it hard looking after your mum if she's so inward looking now.

Kurri, what are you like falling out of bed like that?? Will be round to tie you in later. grin Interesting to hear you have pain too. Am a bit bemused by mine, as apart from a few shooting pains, the cancer side's quite passive. It's the preventative mastectomy side which acts up. If it's still going on in a week or so, I'll have to ask BCN if I should make an appt. I think the sharper pain's possibly capsular contraction round the implant as it's quite mis-shapen now. Am so fed up with them, I'm beginning to wonder if I should just have them both taken out and go flat chested.

HalloweenyHerrena Mon 29-Oct-12 21:20:24

Hello all

I was directed here for some advice, as my DM has just been diagnosed with grade 3 lobular breast cancer (apparently the invasive kind). She's being rushed for an MRI this/next week and will see a consultant for feedback and a gameplan later on next week. I'm told that the tumour is growing rapidly and is attached to the skin, but the consultant doesn't think it's got to the lymph nodes yet

Does anyone here have any experience of this and if so, please could you tell me a bit about it? Don't be afraid to say that it's properly bad if it is; I'd rather have a complete picture.

Thanks for any help smile

amberlight Mon 29-Oct-12 21:25:25

I have to say my MIL went for the flat option after many years of battling lymphoma, and wore beautiful lacy tops with great effect, but it's such an individual choice, isn't it. I'm still adjusting to having a bit missing from mine and the scars. All most odd. Not sure I'd worry overmuch if they weren't there.

KurriKurri Mon 29-Oct-12 23:13:23

Hello Herrena, and welcome to the thread. I'm so sorry your mum has been DX with breast cancer - it will be a shock for all of you.

I was diagnosed 4 yrs ago with grade 3 stage 3 BC, - in my case it had spread to the lymph nodes. I had a mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, herceptin, and am now on tamoxifen.

Your mum will have more idea where she stands once she's got her scan results, and her consultant will explain to her what it all means (it would be helpful to her if someone goes with her to the consultant meetings, because it's hard to take everything in on your own, it can get a bit overwhelming)

If they don't think it has reached her lymph nodes - that's good, it means she may not have to have such aggressive treatment (although it will be decided on an individual basis), if it has spread to the nodes, they will remove them and she will almost certainly have chemo. That sounds frightening - but its doable - you get through it with support from your family and friends.

At the moment I think you all have to adjust to the news of your mum's DX. and be there for her - whether she wants to cry or put it out of mind and keep busy - whatever, everyone''s different.

Once she has had her scan and has a treatment plan in place, then she will probably feel a bit better, - she'll know how it's going to be tackled, and that's easier to cope with than uncertainty. Then it's a question of taking each stage of her treatment step by step, getting through it and heading towards recovery.

It is a long road, and it seems very daunting especially in the early days, when there is a lot of waiting and wondering to get through, so she is lucky to have a lovely DD like you to support her smile

I wish her all the very best in her treatment and recovery, and all the best to all your family, and I hope her meeting with the consultant goes well.

smee Mon 29-Oct-12 23:48:20

Hi Herrena, really sorry to hear about your mum, but stick around and feel very free to ask us anything. If it it does happen to have nipped into her lymph nodes, tell her not to panic. I was diagnosed in March 2010, and it had got to mine. It is more scary as it means it's trying to spread, but it's still classified as curable. They just take as much as they can and zap you with chemo and radiation therapy. There's hormone therapy too if you happen to be eligible. We can fill you in on that down the line when you know more.

Amber, where are you with your reassuring Stats?? Sound like Herrena might like to hear them. smile

Also Amber, I know what you mean about being flat chested. Hard to say for me, as my surgeon talked me into immediate implant. I think it was right at the time, not least because it wasn't such a shock for DS. Not so sure about it all now though, so am going to mull it over. I've got a while, as I don't see the surgeon again until December.

Night all. Have only just finished working. shock Got to e-mail a big project off first thing, then off to my mum and dad's for a few days. Will try and drop in if I can. xx

KurriKurri Tue 30-Oct-12 00:07:25

Night all from me, - I'll try not to roll drunkenly onto the floor stay in the bed tonight grin

Has anyone seen those 3d nipple tattoos from America being used by women who have had reconstructions after BC? (just google 3d nipple tattoos and you'll find them - promise nothing awful will come up!!) they are amazing, I'd never seen them before.

KurriKurri Tue 30-Oct-12 00:08:31

that's wrong I'll try to stay in bed tonight - had a stray 'not' in there.

Shut up KK and go to bed you rambling old fool. grin

jchocchip Tue 30-Oct-12 06:52:14

Hi herrena, what a shock. I think looking back on my experience the diagnosis last year was a scary time but I felt much better once I'd had my lumpectomy and had a plan. Mine was grade 2, not in my nodes and I didn't have chemo just radiotherapy and tamoxifen as mine was oestogen positive. The treatment options will be tailored to the type of tumour.

Must get up now and out to work today sad Will see what delights await me there...

MaryAnnSingleton Tue 30-Oct-12 07:21:41

herrena glad you made it over here- I echo all the very good advice given by the others. Feel free to ask anything !
kk hope you managed to stay in bed and that you have a good day at work jane
smee have a good trip to your olds.

smee Tue 30-Oct-12 08:42:40

Kurri, those nipples are amazing. Though when I googled, there was a picture of one of them on a man's arm. Did you manage to stay in bed this time? smile

Just nipping in to say there was a big thing on R4 Today programme just after 8am about over diagnosed BC. Can imagine it will have BCN all over the country gnashing their teeth. Worth listening to, but basically they're saying some women can have cancer and it just stays in the breast so should be left. All of which is fine, but as the surgeon they spoke to said it's always hard to tell what cancer will do. I hope women won't be tempted to leave it. Sounded bloody irresponsible to me.

Right, better go. Got to catch a train. Have a wondrous day all xx smile

KurriKurri Tue 30-Oct-12 09:55:23

Smee have a good trip, hope your mum and dad are fine - they will enjoy having you visit.

saw a bit on the news about the over diagnosis thing, - I guess I'm in the camp that over diagnosis is better than under diagnosis. Although of course perfect accuracy would be the ideal. I think if I as told I had something that might turn into cancer, or was localised, I'd still want them to get rid of it asap anyway.

jane have a good day at work - don't overdo it - you are always so busy, - puts me to shame.

MAS - is it today your Dad has his basal cell appointment? - I hope all goes well for him, and it gets sorted quickly.

I was supposed to be having a driving lesson now, but I just got a very tearful phone call from instructors grown up DD, saying instructors mother had died in the night and they had ambulances etc. at the house sad - poor woman, she'll be very shaken up, I knew her mum was ill, but I think they thought she was stable atm. sad

Waving to all, hope those of you on hols are having a good time, good luck to anyone having treatment. Big hugs to OTM - we miss you, I hope you are not feeling too awful, - but thinking of you because I know you probably are feeling poorly xx

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