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**Tamoxifen** the 30th thread !

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MaryAnnSingleton Fri 26-Oct-12 15:32:17

Am wheeling the trolley over....

sandripples Fri 26-Oct-12 21:43:32

its ok, I got the door open - think it was just taking its time to unlock...

jchocchip Fri 26-Oct-12 22:40:29

phew sand glad that's sorted.

Nighty night everyone - sweet dreams x

KurriKurri Fri 26-Oct-12 23:24:30

Night night all x

smee Sat 27-Oct-12 00:02:36

Just logging off. DH watching Alice Cooper on Jools Holland. How desperate is that?! Glad you got the washing machine sorted, SR. Things like that always go wrong at the weekend.

Night all - this thread is in danger of being like the Waltons! x

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 27-Oct-12 00:04:56

Hi Dizzy - I had heard that tamoxifen can be used for those trying to conceive - side effects vary from person to person but it was quite tolerable for me smile
I do shave under my node arm but it is numb there so am careful.

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 05:37:49

' Morning! Cat got a bit stompy so I gave him his breakfast and opened the cat flap. Will try and get back to sleep now...

amberlight Sat 27-Oct-12 07:03:38

Morning! I shaved armpit using electric shaver during and after rads, carefully. No problems. But take no notice of me either.

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 13:58:37

Hi amber quiet on here today. Guess everyone is busy.

topsyturner Sat 27-Oct-12 15:56:28

Hello All

I am around , just lying low .
Waiting for a referral back to hospital dermatology clinic as I have had a pretty awful flare up of my psoriasis .
I would estimate a good 75% body coverage of it at the moment and non of my usual creams and bath lotions are working on it .
So I am feeling pretty miserable and sore right now .

I miss you all , and hope you are all feeling ok .
Mas hope the hands feel normal and pain free soon .
Dammit ! Missed the pointy elbow fight for space in Gigs suitcase !
Gracie stalk away !

Big sloppy kisses to everyone xxx

KurriKurri Sat 27-Oct-12 16:13:33

Afternoon all.

Massive (but very gentle) hugs to topsy, - you poor thing, that sounds really awful [sad - hope they can sort it out at the hospital for you, do you think you'll have to wait long to see someone?

Gigs ran off to French France without us shock - you wouldn't have won in a pointy elbow fight I would , and anyway Gig was very tempted by my monkey dancing, but she just didn't want to show any favouritism grin

My throat is so sore today I can hardly speak and glands in my neck swollen, all I can do is croak 'make me a cup of tea' at DH grin - I wish it would turn into a cold if it's going to, or else go away.

Waving and love to all. jchoc - you are right I have been incredibly busy watching an old episode of Inspector Morse grin

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 16:25:16

sloppy kisses to topsy xxx we were worried about you. Skin flare up sounds miserable sad guess if the creams don't work, it's time for wine and chocolate.
kk strepsils? honey, lemon in your tea? hope you feel better soon. and until then watch morse and get dh to wait on you.
I just had a long bath, now going to dash to the shops before they shut and get something for tomorrow's lunch...

smee Sat 27-Oct-12 16:25:27

Oh no, Topsy! Sounds grim. Curl up next to Kurri. Sounds like you both need some tlc. I have an urge for a choc ice, so might have to escape my desk to go on a hunt. Am sure they're medicinal, so will hurl some on fbt if I find some.

DH gone to pick up DS from a birthday party. I'm working away. Yawn...

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 16:28:40

xpost smee- have a short break then back to work!

smee Sat 27-Oct-12 16:31:35

I have to get off the pooter, as DS is back and apparently I promised him he could go on for a bit. Good excuse for a break. Will go shopping for choc

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 27-Oct-12 17:36:07

Brrr - chic ices smile
Am working too Smee having been to town with dh and helped pack T's bags for Italy tomorrow. Just had some Madeira cake and a cup of green tea.
Hands feeling better today so that
's v good. T has been gathering hazelnuts in the garden.
Topsy you poor love ( very gentle hugs ) sorry to hear that you are so troubled by skin - horrid for you .
KK - hope the throat feels better v soonsad

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 27-Oct-12 17:37:13

CHOC ices , though chic ices sound elegantgrin

KurriKurri Sat 27-Oct-12 18:27:58

chic ice

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 19:27:45

LOL grin
has been rather brrr here today, there was frost on the ground when I went running this morning.

Have lots of things to get ready for tomorrow morning, must start soon, oops. Maybe make some playdough for the littlies, lego for the middles and something a bit more serious for the teenagers. This is going to be challenging, have all the age groups to prepare for...

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 19:29:19

I'd like to go to Italy, properly. Went over the border once, but haven't spent any time there really. T will have a great time.

smee Sat 27-Oct-12 19:52:12

grin at Kurri's chic ice.

MAS, hooray for your hands. Must be a relief that they're better rather than worse. Madeira cake and green tea makes you sound most refined. smile

Hope you got all your shopping, Jane. Good luck for tomorrow. Hope it all falls into place.

Still working here. Going to bake a sort of mushroom risotto. You don't have to stir it though, just plonk it in the oven. Wintery food for a wintery day. smile

jchocchip Sat 27-Oct-12 20:09:03

Yes I had a lovely shopping trip - I'm rather sad, cos I had a day ticket for the bus and wanted to make the most of it. I went just before sunset so I could watch the sky and only went to Morrisons and then came back again. Roast lamb, mint jelly and parsnips for tomorrow's lunch and nice honey, marmalade, real butter and cat food! a few other bits that will come in handy as well. Not exactly the weeks shop but more choice than the Co-op down the road.

KurriKurri Sat 27-Oct-12 20:27:38

Bon voyage to T, hope he has a great trip. And hooray for hands improving MAS.

good luck with tomorrow Jane ( sorry I've missed what you are doing - but it sounds pretty busy and a lot of organizing!)

Off to watch X factor grin

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 27-Oct-12 22:06:34

yep, hope it goes well jane
I will miss my boy- am feeling a bit emotional about it.

KurriKurri Sat 27-Oct-12 22:20:16

Oh MAS - you are bound to feel a bit emotional, and you will miss him.

Have lots of nice things lined up to occupy you while he's away, and he'll be back before you know it with loads of photos and tales of his Italian adventure smile xx

MaryAnnSingleton Sat 27-Oct-12 22:33:18

I know - he said he was feeling a bit nervous -but seems quite happy. Am worried he might be worried about me. Am being v positive about hios trip and assuring him he'll have an exciting time, but I did tell him I'll miss him.

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