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how long does the itchy phase of chickenpox last?

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ellasmum1 Wed 29-Mar-06 10:54:14

Dd age 3 in absolute agony with itching.covered in chickenpox.Only slept about 2 hrs last night. am trying eurax/tea tree/ calamine/medised/aveeno but nothing helping.How many days were yours really itchy an d miserable for?

waterfalls Wed 29-Mar-06 10:55:50

The whole time I'm afraid

waterfalls Wed 29-Mar-06 10:56:57

Lots of tepid/warm bath will help.

ellasmum1 Wed 29-Mar-06 10:58:03

thanks am doing that too.even at 1 am!

Furball Wed 29-Mar-06 11:01:11

Try giving something like Piriton syrup which is a antihistamine, so should do the job, worked well for my ds when he had CP.

waterfalls Wed 29-Mar-06 11:04:07

I was doing to mention Piriton, but could'nt remember the name for love nor money

waterfalls Wed 29-Mar-06 11:04:53

going not doing

agalch Wed 29-Mar-06 12:57:02

My 20 month old dd is exactly the same atm.My mum suggested bicarb of soda in a lukewarm/tepid bath and let her sit as long as she wants and it has really calmed the itching down.Sympathy to you,it's so hard for them(and us having no sleep).I'm pg too so feel rubbish atm

Surfermum Wed 29-Mar-06 13:00:22

My dd has just got over chicken pox, but thankfully wasn't very itchy at all. My HV advised me to get piriton if it got bad, she said it helped them sleep as well as easing the itching.

Chandra Wed 29-Mar-06 13:01:17

We didn't have much problems with the itching but then we have been dealing with eczema related itching for years so, not much different. 3-4 days? piriton may help a lot if used in combination with the creams you are using.

oliveoil Wed 29-Mar-06 13:02:55

far too bloody long imo, dd2 has been at it for ages.

I have just been to Boots to get that sedative - begins with P, can't remember - but it is not allowed for under 2 years.

Piritin works sometimes.

myermay Wed 29-Mar-06 14:22:22

Message withdrawn

oliveoil Wed 29-Mar-06 15:09:23

yes, that's it.

Not allowed for under 2's apparently although she did say my doctor may prescribe it, so maybe with prescription ok, not just handed out willy nilly as it were.

I would pay good money atm for something to knock her out.

sickandtired Wed 29-Mar-06 15:57:08

my ds2 has it and they are even in his mouth - he can't even eat. Its a nightmare, but this is day 4 and they seem to be easing off and he doesn't seem as misserable.

Does anyone know how long they are infectious for, I thought that it was until they scabbed over but a mate has just said thay are infectous before the pots come out and once they are out they aren't?

ellasmum1 Wed 29-Mar-06 16:31:57

thanks for all messages.Have bought some piriton as medised was making her very agitated.hope piriton better. also bought some rhus tox homeopathic stuff from boots have seen recommended on other threads. will try bloody anything. apparently latest nhs direct advice says only infectious for five days after spots appear,regardless of whether they have scabbed over or not.

MumtoBen Wed 29-Mar-06 20:49:45

I had chickenpox last year (aged 32) and the spots were itchy for about 4 days. Baths with tea tree oil and lavender oil helped me a lot.

Sickandtired - chickenpox is infectious "from about two days before your rash appears to roughly five days after" quote from NHS direct

klacey600 Fri 27-Nov-15 09:55:02

My daughter has had chickenpox for 4 days now. And I was wondering how long the itch phase last. She is taking this like a champ.And I have discovered something that has drastically saved her sanity. Vitamin C in high doses per Dr. Suzanne Humphries.
. It is the only thing that has helped. I am just curious how long I will have to keep her on Vitamin C.

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