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Mirena coil

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scarlett372 Thu 25-Oct-12 15:06:30

I know I know so many discussions have already been had about this but I really just need to write it down.

After 3 years of the mirena coil I am now in month 2 of trying to get the darn thing out. Originally the strings couldn't be found but a scan revealed it was still there. When I asked how it would come out, I was told 'we'll cross that bridge when we come to it' - well I'm at that bridge!

I have been getting modd swings, irritable and a ton of other symptoms and just want it removed so am no longer having hormones added to me. Had years of the pill, depo provera and then mirena. If I am still moddy, then I will have to accept it!

The gyny lady today (2nd person having a thorough route around - ouch) who has been unable to remove it and now referred for a scan. Then back to her and possibly back to hospital. She did her upmost to talk me out of having it out. Telling me how good it was and how that is not the cause of my symptoms (even the pregnancy symptoms of sore boobs etc). But seriously big push for me to keep. I told her that I am not silly and had thought this out and just wanted it out.

Any one else experienced this? The pressure or lost coil? How did it come out in the end? Will I need surgery or just more attemptes with longer instructions. Another evening of pain tonight and a further wait for scan and then apt with her. Hopefully I'll have it out by xmas - started this process in Aug! A joke really....

hebetrayedme Thu 25-Oct-12 19:28:25

I had 4 months of bleeding with Mirena and then had it removed.

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