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kidney infection- scared.

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straighttohellymelly Wed 24-Oct-12 13:45:52

Pain on one side of lower back since Sunday, and strange adrenalin surges, but then later Sunday I was sick and started having diarrhoea, so put it down to a bug. Pain went on in my back and it felt very tender, stopping me sleeping, so I saw GP today, she prodded me a bit-really hurt, and looked at my urine sample, which was full of pieces of <shudder> debris, and thinks I have kidney/bladder infection and some gut bug. I have anti-biotics and buscopan. May not take the buscopan, hate taking meds at all. Anyway she has referred me for a scan of my kidneys and bladder and I'm scared! It won't be for a few weeks, but I'm scared of anyone touching my back as it hurts (big wuss), and I am worried because I fell badly in July and really bashed my back, just where the pain is now. At the time in A+E they checked my urine, no blood, so they said all was fine, but it seems strange that it hurts so much in the same place (I slipped backwards and landed on very sharp tiled steps). Anyone had a kidney scan? Or an infection? Does it mean I will have scarring on my kidney? I feel very rough so am rambling somewhat, just need a bit of hand holding I think, the mention of scans has scared me, and I'm not sure whether I should go private and get one faster?

YouHaveBeenOutbid Thu 25-Oct-12 18:42:05

Hey, don't be scared! The scan will be nothing to worry about. If you've had a pregnancy scan it's just the same - lots of cold jelly and a darkened room. I'm currently in bed with a kidney infection too. This is at least my 8th in 8 years or so and I've finally been referred to urology. They scanned me as an inpatient a few years ago when I got sent to casualty by my gp nd found nothing amiss. They're looking for funny shaped insides or kidney stones usually. If this is your first infection it's probably just that, an infection :-) I sympathise tho, it makes you feel totally and utterly crap, physically and mentally. My antibiotics aren't working so it's back to the doc tmw for me.

straighttohellymelly Thu 25-Oct-12 22:59:31

8 in 8 years! blimey, poor you. I felt no better today (day 2 on meds) and then suddenly came out in hives on my shoulder, so the Doc has now changed the antibiotic. Cultures will come back tomorrow so then it might need changing again. Came back from the Doc and felt slightly better so seems the first one was working. Am now on scary looking bright blue ones, full of colourings-why? As if a white pill is less attractive. I did have one earlier this year but I'm a lot more ill this time, and it is strange as each time I didn't have any cystitis type symptoms at all, just the kidney infection lower back pain. Scan is worrying me partly as it hurts so much to be prodded on my back right now, a really sickening pain.
DH's friend ended up in hospital this year with blood poisoning from his kidney infection so I am rather freaked out at the whole thing. And weepy, which I think is classic with kidneys.

bonhomiee Thu 25-Oct-12 23:22:12

just check for fevers and if you get bouts of severe shivers / vomiting and high fevers get dr out may need stronger abx in hospital

straighttohellymelly Thu 25-Oct-12 23:43:49

I had vomiting and shivers earlier in the week, now I feel slightly better although the kidney hurts more now than it was earlier today on the other antibiotic. I just want to be better, have been ill for nearly a week and am miserable. Want to have a lovely half-term with my dds.

YouHaveBeenOutbid Fri 26-Oct-12 16:16:06

Hope you're on the mend. I have new antibiotics too. They had better bloody work, getting quite fed up now but amusing myself with mumsnet and trying to stay off eBay grin

straighttohellymelly Fri 26-Oct-12 16:38:59

Hope you are getting better too. I was on macrodantin, but now am on Distaclor. Think the first ones were probably better, but because of the rash I suppose I had to change. Aargh. Back to GP this morning and nothing cultured from the urine sample, which GP said can happen- very annoying, this happened last time too. So no idea what is going on, still feel rough and still have a temp.They took bloods to check kidney function- am terrified they are packing up or something (feel generally terrified which is apparently common with kidney issues).I am also still bf my smallest daughter, she is five, so big enough to stop (!) but I don't want to stop so suddenly and the leaflets are so vague as to safety for bf.

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