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Hair thinning/loss after giving birth 1 year ago, is it normal???????

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tinab2908 Tue 23-Oct-12 15:29:40

My little boy is now 13 + months old. I breast fed for 6 months. I am now anaemic and had hypothyroid, for which I have treatment.
In the past 1-2 months my hair has been thinning rapdly!!!!
I saw my GP who put me on iron for my newly found anaemia. I am taking a vast array of vits to help, including vit c.
I am eating a diet which the internet tells me is good for hair growth.
I am using hair lotion on my scalp.

Any other options????
I have a very busy life with kids, house move, work and managing my rented property, lots of stress as well!!!! Part of life. I exercise well, running well, not too little and not too much.


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