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Can anyone give me advice about crowns? (Posted on Chat but it moves too quick there are my post is way back now)

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70isaLimitNotaTarget Sun 21-Oct-12 22:02:31

I've got a crown that is 28 years in (got knocked in the face and the tooth 'died'. It's got a metal spike /pin in it)
2 front ones were crowned about 20 years ago .They are 'thick' opaque and because the cement is grey, it's visible at the gumline.

I need another one done, it's very discoloured and started to chip bit by bit. But if I have that one done, the colour difference will be really noticeable (and because they've changed and improved in the last few years)


Is it possible to replace 3 old crowns and a new one?
Would I need to go private for this?
I'm going to go to a new dentist (well the one I used to go to years back, but I'll be starting as a 'new' patient due to the time lapse)

What sort of price (roughly) I know it varies.

How horrendous will I feel after?
Apart from jaw-ache sad.


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