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Floradix causing upset stomach - is there anything more gentle I can take?

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reastie Sun 21-Oct-12 16:07:14

I've been taking a half-3/4 dose of gluten free floradix for 4 days now (am gluten free btw). Since the first evening on and off I've been having trapped wind stomach aches and (sorry if tmi) more difficulty than usual going to the loo. It's really getting me down as it can be quite painful and it feels like my stomach is unhappy with what I'm putting in IYKWIM.

I have an exceedingly sensitive stomach which reacts to pretty much anything but I had hoped starting on a half dose would be OK for it. My IBS is triggered very easily from things I eat etc. Feeling v fed up as got low iron according to my blood test a couple of weeks ago so must do something and from prior experience the GPs iron tablets will upset me much more. Does anyone know if there are any other even more gentle iron supplements I can take that are gluten free please? I'm adding iron foods in my daily diet too.

NotGeoffVader Sun 21-Oct-12 16:10:59

I couldn't get on with iron tablets at all; a vegan friend of mine recommended Spatone which you can buy at the chemist/supermarket. Just need a sachet a day. smile

reastie Sun 21-Oct-12 16:16:26

Spatone, I've heard of that before - must look into it [hopeful]

NotGeoffVader Sun 21-Oct-12 16:26:31

I had no problems with it; when I had blood loss following a EMCS last year, I had a spat with the Doc because she tried to give me iron tablets which I can't take (have worse reaction than you to them!). I asked for spatone which I knew I could take but she said she couldn't prescribe that - I ended up with some horrible syrup which I could take, but as soon as I was done, reverted to spatone on an ad hoc basis.

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