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Tired of being dizzy--I want my life back

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Greatresult Sun 21-Oct-12 14:38:47

Ok, so I just want a bit of a rant and some sympathy. I have Meniere's disease and under the care of an ENT consultant for it. I have had a couple of really nasty vertigo attacks, hearing loss etc. The symptoms have settled down somewhat but now I am struggling with a milder form of dizziness. On relection, my last 2 dizzy turns have been triggered by bending down from the waist to pick something up off the floor. The world swims in front of me and I have to sit down for an hour and take Buccastem to clear the nausea. Meniere's supposedly is triggered by fluid pressure in the ear, but have never heard of it being sensitive to switching body position. Anyone else? Dizziness is Sooooo debilitating and you can do nothing once it strikes.

MaryMotherOfCheeses Sun 21-Oct-12 21:20:20

I haven't had it but it sounds awful, you have my sympathy.

Someone I know who has suffered had a whole load of supplements which she said did the trick - looks complicated but if it works... - john of ohio

RichTeaAreCrap Mon 22-Oct-12 10:54:51

You have huge sympathy from me Greatresult.

I have MAV and at its worst I spent 18 months dizzy - I couldn't work, drive or do anything that resembled normal. It is awful.

Have you tried Serc for the dizziness? I used to take it but it didn't help as mine wasn't ear related, but I have heard it works well for a lot of people.

Greatresult Mon 22-Oct-12 13:15:31

Ta for the comments. Yes, I am on Serc and putting a lot of faith in it as that is about all that is on offer. Serc is not licensed in USA, and so I think that is why the alternative john-of-Ohio type sites are popular. Feeling ok today, but I get very little warning when it comes on. RichTea--sorry you suffered for so long, how awful.

RichTeaAreCrap Mon 22-Oct-12 13:59:37

Glad you are on Serc and I really hope they help you. It is so awful being dizzy. Plus, because people can't actually 'see' what is wrong they assume you are complaining about nothing.

I still suffer all the time although it is now under control a lot better than before - I take a combination of beta blockers and amitriptyline and it has made a big difference.

I dread dizzy days though as I just can't function. Its always there in the back of my mind too. Whenever I am making plans for things in advance I have to constantly hope that I am not dizzy that day.

I hope you are feeling better soon and can get it under control so you can at least function normally.

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