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Evil germs make me almost pine for pregnancy again..

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Snowgirl83 Sun 21-Oct-12 13:42:22

Not quite sure where to post, so hedging my bets grin !

Had an uncomplicated ELCS with my first last Monday (& have the most delectable little snowboy) and was out within 24 hours with diclofenac & paracetamol & am bf. However, then developed a throat infection straight away for which I'm on amoxicillin, & in the last day have developed a horrible cold/flu thing; scratchy throat, a bit congested but not like a proper cold bunged up, sore ears, temperature & cough which has a propensity to sometimes sound like 80 a day smoker racking sound/ other times like a dry, rasping 80 a day person who has given up, complete loss of appetite..

It's almost as if on the day I was no longer pregnant, evil germs have started attacking left right & centre. Anyone any idea how I can make myself feel better? the broken sleep in addition to feeling this awful might ruin me

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