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Hurrah! A cure for Hiccups (hiccoughs?) that REALLY works!

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Milliways Mon 27-Mar-06 19:41:10

DD arrived home last week, exhausted from hiccupping all afternoon. We googled & had a laugh at all the "cures", then found one that sounded promising, tried it & instant stop.

Last night DS started. I told him what to do, he laughed & had NO MORE hiccups - instantly. It's fab.

Basically, you have to concentrate & wait for the next hic. You must try & say something (we used "beep" just as/before you hiccip. Apparantly it might take 2 or 3 hics for you to get it, but neither of my kids had a single one - they just sat & waited for it (whilst laughing at how silly it was).

Next time you or kids suffer, try this & report back here

SleepySuzy Mon 27-Mar-06 19:42:16

I'm dying for hiccups now!

NotQuiteCockney Mon 27-Mar-06 19:44:21

We have a family trick for hiccups that is very very easy, and always always works. It's a bit unpleasant, though.

Have a teaspoon of vinegar. Doesn't matter what kind. Works every time.

popsycalindisguise Mon 27-Mar-06 19:45:29

my german teacher used to make us stare at the nib of a pen with it about 5 inches from our nose........that works too

Wallace Mon 27-Mar-06 19:47:51

Sounds good

My mum's teacher used to offer them £5 if they hiccuped (hiccoughed?) again...funnily enough they never did!

Milliways Mon 27-Mar-06 19:53:15

Yes Wallace & Popsy - all backs up the theory that you can concentrate/think them away. Saying a word makes it easier for the littlies - mine kept saying "beep" just for the hell of it - they were desperate for another "hic"

hollyhobbie Tue 21-Jun-11 20:56:23

wow! Just worked for me: thanks!

ziptoes Tue 21-Jun-11 21:34:01

My dad used to offer me 10p for the first hiccup. If that didn't work and I hiccuped again he doubled it. You very rapidly get to huge sums of money and usually quite quickly it'd get to the point when I was too excited to hiccup (at that age 40p was often enough to get me excited). At which point my dad would say "no hiccup equals no money - that's a shame" and wander off.

Conveniently it demonstrates the rapid growth of exponential sequences- so useful maths training as well as a hiccup cure.

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