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Ache in rib

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carmen66 Fri 19-Oct-12 19:11:39

Hi everyone, I had a pneumocolon CT scan yesterday for ongoing diahorrea, I have had every blood test going that have all come back normal... However I am worried about an ongoing soreness high up on my left side rib, it's not so much a pain but a sorness that radiates into my shoulder blade.. It's been like this a couple of years on & off I did see my Dr at one stage because the left side rib doesn't jut out when I breath in like my right side.. My Dr examined me & said nobody is symmetrical but the pain continued & different Dr sent me for a scan she suspected gall stones but it came back clear... I am very worried as I'm waiting for an appt for yesterdays CT scan & I've convinced myself that there is something seriously wrong.. I am in the middle of my cycle & not sure if that could have anything to do with it but I think the big C always enters all our minds... Has anybody else had this pain in the ribs??

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