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Anyone had fluid in inner ear?

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sincitylover Fri 19-Oct-12 10:07:02

And what were you px for it?

I've been told I've got perennial rhinitis and fluid in inner ear. I've got a lot of pressure in my head and tingling in my face and head.

Was px nasal steroids which reluctantly took then stopped - just wondered of any other remedy for this?

calypso2008 Fri 19-Oct-12 20:39:08

I really, really feel for you. How horrible. I had something similar this summer. I went deaf suddenly and a couple of hours later my eardrum burst. I had had fluid in my inner ear (from swimming every day?)

I know exactly what you mean by pressure in your head, talking, eating, everything is horrible and I felt really claustrophobic - panicky.

Anyway, I went to hospital (out patients) and had 2 lots of 10 days very strong antibiotics and my ear drained. It still became infected, then eardrops and gradually, gradually, my hearing came back. It took 2 bloody months.

I have a scar on my eardrum but have been told it will get better totally.

I think because my eardrum burst it sort of solved it long term but made it awful short term. I also had a swollen face on that side etc.

I don't know if any of that helps but I am really sorry for you as you can't see it and it is absolutely agony and really scary. Good thing is, they almost always get better.

Be really careful when you shower/wash your hair. Obviously don't go swimming.

Hope you feel better soon x

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