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Feeling sorry for myself today :(

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Badvoc Thu 18-Oct-12 11:47:25

Caught ds1s cough/cold/sore throat virus last week which turned into trachtitis (sp?)
I have bad pains in my kidney region and last night it was so bad I nearly got dh to call the ooh gp!
Then I seem to have caugh the sickness bug both dcs have had and I am an emeptophobe so am feeling very shaky and upset.
(Deeply pathetic I know)
Kids both better, thank god, which is the main thing. Ds2 was really poorly sad
Have had 3 nights now with very very little sleep as whenever I lie down my stomach starts to churn etc. and pain in my back.
I had diahorrea this time last week (sorry bit tmi) but nothing since.
Not been eating much but drinking.
Want to throw up but haven't so far...I get very panicky and shaky and heart starts racing etc...
Boys at school, dh at work and am on my own (which is fine) but am feeling very low and alone.
Thanks for reading anyway x

mrsfuzzy Thu 18-Oct-12 12:51:20

of course you feel sorry for yourself you poor thing, it's all abit rubbishy for you at the moment, i'd get the gp out and get a check over, hope you feel better soon.

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