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C section scarring

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nezzynic Thu 18-Oct-12 03:15:11

Just wondered if anyone is in a similar situation to me, I had an emergency section 5 weeks ago and the scar itself is healing very nicely, but my tummy just above the scar is really quite wonky, the right side is more protruding than the left and it just looks plain ugly! I can cope with the stretch marks and I've heard numbness is normal which is fine, but I'm really quite self conscious and concerned about my actual belly shape! Is this the picture of a botched up sewing up job by
surgeons or will I eventually get a flatter
tummy back?!

Wheresmypopcorn Thu 18-Oct-12 03:26:02

I am really not sure, I remembering having an overspill roll which looked funny - has gone away with time. 5 weeks is too early to judge, the scar is new, so hang in there for at least 6 months and then check to see where you're at. my numbness did go away.

missyb890 Thu 18-Oct-12 04:45:02

Can't help with the wonkiness! But I am sure that once any swelling has gone down you will see a vast improvement. Oh and I am still numb 14 months after and I remember it being numb after having my 5yr old, infact I don't think the feeling ever returned even after I had my first section 11 yrs ago!

ToothbrushThief Thu 18-Oct-12 05:26:52

I had an overhang following mine in a straight line over the scar (small overhang but nonetheless)

If you looked at me now you'd struggle to see the scar. I have completely flat tum. Took awhile to shrink back but it did

Notquite Thu 18-Oct-12 06:21:03

I can't claim a flat tum, but can't blame the caesarean! Hideous overhang at first, but it did go away.

HappyAsASandboy Thu 18-Oct-12 08:24:15

I had a section 2 years ago.

I have a small overhang, and extra skin on my tummy, which is slightly uneven to one side (bump was bigger on that side because of the positions if my twins).

The overall appearance is still slowly improving - the scar is still fading, the overhang is lessening and the muscle tone/extra skin problems are improving too. I haven't ever done any specific exercise to help my tummy, but my life is still getting increasingly busier and more active and lifting two 2 year olds repeatedly has got to tone your tummy, right?

Don't dispair so soon. Things will keep improving for a while yet smile

QTPie Thu 18-Oct-12 12:59:32


I had more swelling on one side than the other - so my tummy/scar looked wonky (especially when I looked down from above. As the swelling went down, so did the wonkiness. It doesn't look wonky any more (well I can see a tiny bit, from above, but no-one else can from the front). Everything flat, no overhang. But, to be honest, it took a GOOD 6/9+ months for the swelling to completely disappear.... I did have numbness too

If it is painfully, tender, smelly, weepy etc, then get it checked for infection.

nezzynic Thu 18-Oct-12 20:58:02

Thanks for the messages smile makes me feel a little bit better!! it is a bit more tender than it has been previously, going to see gp tomorrow.

nezzynic Sat 20-Oct-12 02:35:52

Just thought I'd mention, I went to my gp yesterday and he reassured me that my 'wonky tummy' was down to inner bruising and that it will calm down eventually! Thanks all for your comments smile x

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