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Borderline smear and HPV

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Bravery Tue 16-Oct-12 21:49:19

Hello, I have just registered on this forum 5 minutes ago. I was diagnosed with borderline changes together with the wart virus present last December. I am 51y and until then my three yearly smears were always clear. I had another smear in Feb 2012 and it came clear. However, in August 2012 same borderline abnormalities were reported. I received one letter from my GP saying that my smear was clear and when I opened the next letter from Primary Care it stated borderline changes. This made me very anxious and I called my GP's secretary who was busy and did not respond to my calls. I then arrived in my doctors surgery and explained to the receptionist about two letters with different information. I was seen straight away by my GP who referred me to Colposcopy. My results showed borderline changes with HPV present. They have asked me to return in 9months. I have tried calling the colposcopy unit several times but they don't seem to be worried and not returning my calls. I will again try tomorrow. Is it because my case is not serious or they are that much busy? I would really welcome some advice from others who have been in the same situation. I am really worried that NHS might make an error that could be disastrous! My doctor who did my colposcopy did assure me that the area covering the abnormal cells is very small and otherwise my cevix seems healthy. I am panicking and am happy to go private if need to be. Is it ok to wait 9months? Would these cells progress in 9 months? I am doing everything to keep me healthy..what questions I need to ask when I speak to my consultant? Also, would my HPV stay for the rest of my life?

mrsfuzzy Tue 16-Oct-12 22:56:18

welcome to the forum! am really sorry to hear about your worries and concerns it sounds like you have alot on your plate right now. i think anyone in your shoes would worry, as doctors etc are so used to dealing with these things sometimes they lose touch with a patients concerns. if i was you i think i would speak to another gp at your local practice to try to put your mind at rest about things, explain how anixous you are and that you need reassurence, i,m sure things will be fine for you, good luck!

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